Playing In The River of Change

Leaping, Swinging and Playing   In the River of Change

Leaping, Swinging and Playing
In the River of Change

A great first day! My meals were in the 90th percentile of consciousness, even though I was in lively conversations with people. At dinner I even enrolled the people around me in eating consciously while having good conversation, and it worked as I was able to feel into the delicious food and stop eating when done. I was also able to use restraint with the abundant food and put on my plate only small amounts and ate what my taste and belly wanted. As far as 2/3s go, I walked back and forth from the event room to either our room or the dining area at least 2 to 3 times more then was probably needed although I didn’t do it intentionally as much as I was doing it out of perceived necessity, only realizing after the fact that it wasn’t necessary, and it did fill up my 2/3s requirement. I meditated and I wrote in my journal and was able to post to my blog later in the day, due to some challenges getting on the internet. This is going to lead to a couple of challenges with keeping up my Black Lodge homework and agreements, not insurmountable ones though. All in all it was a great start to living and working in my practices and intention. Today I got up early and meditated and I am writing in my journal for later publication to my blog and it all feels like part of the way I do things, so lets just keep it going that way for the next 4-5 days and all will be pointed in the direction I intend to move in my life.

We are working with a terrific group of people here. Leaders from all levels of experience with our Leadership model and what I am appreciating the most is the willingness to play with whatever is thrown out there. That willingness to play is such an important quality to nurture and evolve in us humans. The ability to step into the unknown, or chaos, or a changing world, and find our flexibility and adaptability and put a smile on our heart and say “Yes, let’s go” is essential in this rapidly changing world. Once we step into that rapidly changing river are how nimble are we and how much do we laugh and dance and connect and most important of all play? How do we keep it light and yet be intensely committed to evolving, shifting and shaping it all into a world that works for us all? How do we take care of these incredible bodies, spirits, minds and bundles of emotions that we are and also look out into the world and take response-ability for the evolution and growth of first the people around us and then, further afield, to all humans, and then, even further out, to all of life? This last question is the new one that we are beginning to take a deep look at in this retreat, this whole question of Self Care. What is the line between Self Care of that big Self, that leader self, that purpose living-values based Self and that indulgent self, that ego self, that self that is separate from the world and is frightened of not getting enough. How do we care for the first Self and tend to or heal the second self? How do we care for and nurture the first Self and not get pulled into the trap of indulging and pandering to that second self? These are some of the questions I would like to get clearer on this week.

3 responses to “Playing In The River of Change

  1. And will you share what you find? 😉
    Henry you are a shining light on my journey. And I think that light just keeps getting brighter and brighter!
    Love you.

  2. Hi Henry;
    The question of self care vs. ego…selflessness. I know that when I am noticing and asking the question, what does it mean to be “self-less,” I am loosening the hold that the ego has on me just by asking the question. I keep looking for the balance between letting go of ego in service of the whole and yet knowing that I am a part of the great “we-ness” of all that is. I am the closest thing to me in my own circle. I just returned from our first pilot of Quest for Leadership, and the “give-away” I took back was a well read book that one of the participants brought called “The Issue at Hand,” by Gil Fronsdal. I read one of the essays this morning and thought you might like it. Here is a brief quote from the essay. “The Buddha emphasized the joy of giving. Dana is not meant to be obligatory or done reluctantly. Rather dana should be performed when the giver is “delighted before, during, and after giving.” I notice sometimes when I don’t practice self-care I am not delighted after…sometimes I am exhausted. Anyway that is the place I am working on my own awareness in this area. Love to you,

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