Nada to Wow

Sometimes I just love to melt away   Into Nada

Sometimes I just love to melt away Into Nada

I am home. The dream of peace, love, connection and awakened consciousness all starts here for me. I have created a beautiful place filled with all that and more, a welcoming place where water, wind, earth and sun dance and play and create a place where my heart can sigh out a huge sigh of ahhhhh we’re home.

Yesterday afternoon as I drove through the sheep and cow pastures that lead up to the final leg of my homeward bound journey my heart started rising in my chest and I could feel the anticipation of each new next view, each familiar rock and tree, each bend in the road. I could anticipate where the fog would hit and be the thickest and guess as to when it would probably clear later. As I pulled into the garage I couldn’t wait to hop in the hot tub and soak away the journey. Like a zombie with only half a mind I lugged the suitcases in and the bags of groceries, opened the door and inhaled a big full breath of Home. I went outside and turned up the hot tub and then went back inside and, while I still had energy, unloaded groceries and suitcases, stripped down and sank into the warm and welcoming waters of Moriella the spirit of water. I let her warm me and rock me and hold me in the soothing heat as all the final wisps of adrenalin, stamina, and eyepropping energy dissappated. I managed to pour mySelf out of that warm pool and relax with nary a thought or a dream in sight, just empty blessed blankness of nada. My brain was active enough to know that I needed to stay awake for a couple more hours if I didn’t want to mess with my system too much over the next few days, so in a state of nada I went down and turned on the tube and have no idea of what I watched as nada ran things and eyes stayed open. I finally went to bed around 7:30 and slept 11 hours to get up and immediately fall into the hot tub this morning for a reprise, this time as an opportunity to find mySelf again,as a reviving ritual. I sat and meditated in the hot tub and watched, a much calmer ocean, the surf coming in and breathed in this new period of my life. This one starting today.

Wow what a life I am leaping into!

Wow what a life I am leaping into!

Today I start by remembering my commitments to mySelf and recommitting. I remember who I am and what I am dreaming and examine and sharpen them to be more powerfully at cause with my dream. I remember where I have been and what I have promised and appreciate and honor the lives that have touched me and that I have touched. I remember my life purpose and what I have dedicated my life to and look to see how I will honor those things today. I look into mySelf and see how my body, heartmind, spirt and emotions are doing and what needs tending today. Finally I look to see what needs shifting or adjusting as I head into this miraculous day of being alive at this moment in history. Wow I do all of that in this new period of my life that is just starting today.

There was some good comments about the whole Poll thing, so here is another one.

2 responses to “Nada to Wow

  1. Hello dear one:

    Welcome home my love! It makes me so happy to think of you in our beautiful home, looking out at the ocean rolling in and floating about in our new hot tub!

    I love you!


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