Contentment And A Job To Do

Sitting back with my feet up   Looking at the best view in the world   Knowing that sometimes this is al the work there is to do.

Sitting back with my feet up
Looking at the best view in the world
Knowing that sometimes this is all the work there is to do.

You know that feeling in your chest when it is filled up with a sense of contentment, a sense of knowing who I am and why I am here, a sense of not being in a hurry to get to it because you are already in it, and perhaps a sense of both openness and at the same time solidness almost like it is a vast space while at the same time somehow solid and filled with some substance? You know that feeling of being at home, not just the place of home, that place where your bones belong and where your cells sigh with relief, but that place of feeling at home in yourself, of not being lost to yourself one bit and feeling complete love and appreciation for yourself?

Well I woke up in that space this morning.

Oh sure I still am working on stuff, I still had my upsetting tiff with Karen on the phone last night, I still had 4 bites past the moderation threshold last night and didn’t practice 2/3s in a couple of parking lots yesterday, but I feel like I am at home in mySelf. I feel all parts of me clicking along in harmony and getting along terrifically. There are a lot of things and people I could be mad at this morning, there are a lot of things going on in the world that could sadden me or scare me, there are people who are in rough conditions with their health, finances, or psyche all around me, and yet here I sit at home in mySelf and content with life. I am aware of the urgency of the work I do, the need for human consciousness to be awakened and pointed towards life affirming choices, the need for all of us to smile at one another and laugh more, stop killing one another and hate less. I am aware of all these things and know my responsibility in both creating these things and dreaming up new ways of being about them.

And yet this morning I somehow feel like it is all unfolding perfectly. It is an interesting question floating around in the vastness of me; “How can all this be true in this moment?” and yet it is. How can I sit here in this home of contentment while there is so much misery and suffering, so much separation and conflict, so much, so much, so much……? Yet if I don’t sit here this would be missing from life and all would collapse on itself. I am beginning to see how important it is that, as Joseph Campbell said “We need to follow our Bliss”. Part of that journey involves dropping into the pit and fighting the monsters and part of it involves having these moments of appreciation and metaview that allow us to see the space around us and smile at the stumbles and fumbles that are happening around us as folks move towards their bliss. I do think that awakening consciousness involves reminding folks that it is their bliss they are following and not some manufactured BS that is actually part of their pit. So I have a job that I have dedicated mySelf to, and I am doing it right now, with mySelf and maybe with one or two folks that are reading this, a job that I will do today at the dentists office and the drug store, a job that I will do this weekend in front of a classroom of people and that I will do every day for the rest of my life.

Awaken the Diamond of Consciousness in all of us.

And what I realize today that is new and different in this contented home of mySelf is that there doesn’t need to be lots of struggle, effort, trying, and stress in doing that job. I just need to follow my Bliss, sit patiently in my contentment and act based on what and who is in front of me. What a cool job.

A Poll about Bliss

3 responses to “Contentment And A Job To Do

  1. Thanks, Henry, your words inspired me to slow down from a frenzied start this morning, and remember how important it is to just be within yourself. And I love the idea of looking at it like it’s “your job”.

  2. Hello Diamond Bear:

    I love your post today. It exhudes a sense of peace and well being and has me feel grounded and at peace just reading it.

    Remember the Arbinger thing about Heart at Peace and Heart at War. .. .your post brings me fully to Heart at Peace.

    I love your poll too. ..and the full answer to “Am I living my Bliss?” is Yes. No. Sometimes. Huh? All of these things play out in my life, depending on where I am putting my attention and what part of the conversation I choose to empower. I can make any one of those responses completely true, in an instant. It is my choice.

    I know you will be fabulous in this course Henry and and I am grateful for those ITB students who have the opportunity to know you and be with you.

    I mean I get to do that EVERY DAY!!!! Yup. I’m following my bliss.-:)

  3. Dear Henry, whoever said that mindless googling is bad for the soul is dead wrong. For today was the day I was doing exactly that when I came upon this wonderful blog. I am a voracious reader of your inspirational musings… inspirational because I see that you walk your leadership talk and are boldly going to the same places you challenged us to go to on R5 in Israel. Thank you for the gift of yourSelf.
    Much Love,

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