Hamlet Doesn’t Belong in Twelfth Night

It Just Doesn't Work

It Just Doesn't Work

Accountability first –
I am cleaning my plate again, or leaving a morsel or two “to be good”. I am aware that I need to tighten the screws up again and move back into training mySelf mode rather then just tuning in mode. I need to STOP when I am 1/3-1/2 done with something and retrain mySelf to be done. I need to sharpen moderation, I know that I noticed this before while in Israel but I didn’t really take action on it as I was still practicing restraint more then moderation. I need to practice both, paying particular attention to moderation for awhile as I retrain my body and mind to the possibilities. I also need to tell the truth about it here in the blog or it all starts to melt into meaninglessness. Soooo, Yesterday I started out with a bowl of cereal that I cleaned down to drinking the milk from the bowl, I had a bag of potato chips and a bag of jerky for lunch and emptied both bags. They weren’t big bags but they weren’t small ones either and I was perfectly satisfied half way through and stopped even but some old habit didn’t want to waste or throw away all that good stuff. I went for a delicious dinner with Mary K. at Piatti and had a half a salad (restraint) and a bowl of gnocchi (which I finished) and half a Tira Misu. Not terrible, and nothing was left on my plates, which isn’t the program. I even sat there with 5 or 6 gnocchi left and Knew that I was satisfied and then in the great conversation that we had while the food sat there I just stabbed and ate each remaining gnocchi, because it was there. OOOPs back to the program folks. Tha tha thats all there is folks on that.

A note of interest to me is that I am headed off today to lead, with that very same Mary K., my first CTI coaching course in several years. I am a bit nervous/excited to be stepping into this thing that I created so long ago and then left for others to do, so that I could go on to other things. I feel like I am opening in my 3rd production of Twelfth Night as Sir Toby Belch after a decade’s absence. I know the lines well, almost like I wrote them, and yet I have grown and changed so much since I last played the role. Will my growth overwhelm the role or the character or the script? Or will it serve it and take it to new places for me? Will I find new things in the role that I never even knew were there? Or will I try to shove things in that don’t belong there, will I try to slip some Hamlet in or some Falstaff in somewhere it just doesn’t belong? I choose to hold and intend that I am going to find nuances in Sir Toby and keep it a comedy and not make it a tragedy. I trust that I will practice my turtle medicine and find all sorts of interesting ways to breathe new and different life into this workshop that I created with love and care. I know that I will awaken consciousness and evoke aliveness and creativity in that room with those lovely Natural Creative Resourceful and Whole coaches.

3 responses to “Hamlet Doesn’t Belong in Twelfth Night

  1. Ooooh what a treat for all concerned! I am curious to know how your impeccability around yourSELF will impact your leadership of this course? I am also curious Master Yoda how you will start to redesign this course with all that you are now?

  2. I was thinking about you yesterday, knowing you were headed off to lead this ITB. Was wondering if you were a bit nervous about it. I know I get nervous about a course when I haven’t led it for a while, and the world doesn’t have the same sort of expectations for me as it does for you.

    In reading your hamlet analogy, it’s not just the actor who’s grown and changed, but the play has too since it’s original creation. New audiences, actors and directors have influenced it’s development. The dream of it has shifted some. May you find your growth marrying well with the growth of the course. May the way you handle all that you know and don’t know be hugely enrolling. Me thinks the Leadership program will benefit from your presence in front of an ITB room. Most of all, have fun!

    Re the food thing, I’m wondering about the changing play there too. You created this 1/3 – 2/3 concept quite a while ago. You created it for YOU. I’m wondering if this play has changed through the living and acting of it. Is it time to update the timeline of how you’re looking at moderation etc? You’ve never done well when feeling bound to a structure that’s no longer alive for you. Just curious.

    And then again, in my artist group, we’re finding huge value in pushing beyond the edge of what we think we know. Twyla Tharp, in her book The Creative Habit, talks about how the real inspiration lives just beyond that point where you think you’ve exhausted something completely. Maybe you’re in that moment before the inspiration comes, and you just need to keep pushing it, stretching it, seeing what else lives in 1/3 – 2/3.

    Love you,

  3. Hi Henry!

    Just dropping by with today’s thoughs of gratitude for how you share so freely with the world. Always inspirational.

    And…I wish I had a sister like Helen.

    Much Love & Laughter to you all,

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