Re-Alignment Time

Getting Back On Track    Remembering Where I Am Going

Getting Back On Track

Remembering Where I Am Going

It’s time for me to speak my Intention again to mySelf here in this blog. It is time for me to remind mySelf of my commitments to mySelf and what I am dedicated to in this life.

Intention – I have done some powerful work to clean out the old limiting beliefs, taproots, tendrils of the taproots and junk that keeps surprising me and pulling me back from any intention. I have developed, and continue to deepen, a deep consciousness of what is bubbling up from the basement that may hold me back or pull me down. I have solidified my foundation and prepared mySelf to step into a life of integration. My Intention states that I am bringing all the parts of mySelf together in a loving harmony and that this harmonious integration of the spirit, mind, body and emotions will work together with love and respect for each other to awaken consciousness in all Humans. Where I have been pointing my intention over the last 6 months primarily has been in the re-integration of my body into mySelf. I have tolerated an abusive relationship with my body and have created in the past a profound disconnection between my body and all my other parts. By staying conscious of my intention and creating a simple program for mySelf I am healing this disconnection and my body is feeling more loved and connected and as a result is shaping itself into the shape that would work best with the other parts of me. I am declaring all of this to mySelf to practice receiving acknowledgment from me to mySelf. I am deeply aware that this is a journey that is ongoing and has no destination. I am aware that I am putting into place in my life new practices and ways of being that often bump up against practices and ways of being that have been in place for 50 years or more in this being. This is why I am writing this blog as a way for me to stay conscious and accountable to the world, I guess. It is also a way for me to stay honest with mySelf, lying to mySelf just doesn’t work for me in this format. So yay for staying pointed in the direction of this journey of intention and keep opening up your eyes, ears and all other senses to point that consciousness deeply into the truth and the integration that is so important to where we are going.

Commitments to mySelf – Fiercely love mySelf and no longer tolerate abusing any part of mySelf. If I should catch any part of mySelf either being abused or abusing another part of mySelf, I will send love in both directions and open my consciousness up to stalk down where that comes from and excavate it, heal it, or bury it somewhere outside of me. I will love the whole of me, the shadow of me and the light of me, the awkward me and the elegant me, the powerful me and the victim me, the fat me and the fit me, the sad and angry me and the blissed out and not a care in the world me. All of these me’s, along with the infinite others, will find an ear in mySelf to listen for their needs and someone to heal their wounds. None of them will be allowed to dominate or dictate the way it “should” be for any of the others. They are all me’s in mySelf and have a complete right to be there, my consciousness can hold them all and learn from them.

I am dedicated to awakening human consciousness, starting with my own.

4 responses to “Re-Alignment Time

  1. Hello my love:

    Once again, your post was such a gift. As you speak of the healing for yourself, your words are healing to me.

    You touch me so deeply Henry with your courage, and profound commitment. . .of course, where else would one start on that road of stars of transformation, EXCEPT with ones precious self.

    I love you,

  2. Dear Henry,
    I truly get the sense of the fierce bear power rising up inside you and inhabiting you as you speak of this intention!
    Love Emma

  3. Henry…

    I love you. Thank you for your continued inspiration. In the last months, I’ve been mostly abusing this body of mine by keeping it over-stuffed with whatever was handy and seemed like it might soothe the aches and pains in my heart. That hasn’t been working very well. I’ve gained a ton of weight! And so, with your continued inspiration, I went out and bought ONE pair of jeans that fit (so I didn’t have to suffer in my too small ripped jeans in the meantime), a colorful shirt, then went and joined Weight Watchers! Tracking my points is a discipline of intention and commitment that has worked for me in the past. I’m using it like a structure of support, rather than a means of self-restraint or self-punishment. It’s been tricky to bring the junk food train to a screeching halt. Have been gentle with myself as I ease into this. Was over points the first day and that was fine. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile, thank you for stating this intention so clearly and wisely. I will do the same in my journal tonight.

    Mucho Love-o,


  4. Dear Henry,

    Your post today has inspired me to wrap my arms around myself (For ALL of us, and each part of all of us collectively)….to infuse us all with a long, gentle, blessed, loving sigh of “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

    With Much Love & Respect,

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