Turtle meets Dragons

A Water Dragon   All The Power And Magic I Will Meet Today

A Water Dragon All The Power And Magic I Will Meet Today

Day one of R1 I am up and showered by 6:15 with some time to write and perhaps even get in a meditation this morning, with enough time to still be in Turtle Medicine and meet with Mary at 7:30 to get some breakfast and get up the hill by 8. I’ll then be able to crank it back earlier 30 to 45 minutes if I need to for future mornings with earlier starts. This is doable if I get to bed at a reasonable time and get right up in the morning. I am a bit bearish and my mouth is turned down in a grumpy reverse smile and I want some mate tea (which I forgot to bring with me), but otherwise I am feeling alright and ready to go and face the Water Dragons. That is the first time I have used their name (because the likelihood of any of them or their friends seeing this before they hear it today is slim to none.) Cool name though, considering what I’ve written about dragons before.
Facing the Dragon   It's always bigger before you face it.

This Too Will Morph Into MySelf

I have held them as the big ole monsters in the basement caves that need to be defeated in order to live a life of consciousness. So I have held them in the Western Mythological way of demons and monsters for this writing. I also have read some wonderful fiction with the dragons as heros and beasts of wonder and magic, so for all you dragon lovers out there, those are the kind of dragons I am expecting to meet in the form of humans up the hill at the retreat center and in the event room. I expect to meet the other kind of dragon in the dining room and in the bathroom mirror in the morning. That dragon will morph very quickly into mySelf in all my glory as I continue to breathe my way into full consciousness and step slowly and follow Turtle’s wisdom in all my actions. This includes especially my co-lead with the brilliant Mary Butler also known as River Lynx. The last time I led with Mary she was training to lead the program and I was still pretty green myself with lots of rough edges and lots of “speedy gonzales” energy and as I was with lots of co-leaders in the day, I didn’t give Mary much of a chance to say or do very much at all. This was a brilliant way to show off my brilliance and acumen as a leader, it was a terrible way to model co-active leadership. In the last couple of years I have been slowing down and learning to breathe and in the last couple of months I have met and realized the extreme importance of Turtle medicine in my life. Mary will be an amazing window for me to see into how well my Turtle medicine is holding up. With Turtle medicine I don’t say less or hold back, I do allow mySelf to breathe and take a moment of contemplation and choice before I say something, which gives a chance to my co-leader to say something as well and, with Turtle medicine, when they do I am less attached to what I was going to say, due to the breathing thing, that I can either let it go or find a way to blend it in with what is being said. So I am still out and moving at 100% and not jamming and pounding at 100%, my heart beat is steady and not racing and my breathing is deep and slow. This is the power of the Turtle as it meets the Monster Dragon.

1/3 – I am back to buffets for meals and will need to be conscious of restraint first then consciousness and then moderation. I am aware that my belly meter is not being as discriminatory as it has been in the past, the slippage I was talking about yesterday, and has been thinking more food was ok and confusing my full numbers and miscalculating what full is by moving what used to be a 4 on a scale of 5 and calling it a 3 and so on. Sort of like how some Indian restaurants the spicy scale is different then in others, well my scale of fullness is changing and this isn’t good. I need to retrain my fullness scale and calibrate it back up. I need to eat slower and notice my fullness number earlier. This is just a matter of refocusing my consciousness, which I am now a pro at. It will help if I meditate in the mornings again more regularly. I have been replacing meditations with some dreaming practices. And for this week I need to focus on meditations.

2/3s – I am going to be doing some more walking around the retreat center and will make sure I move more in general in that venue. I will be doing a lot of up and down hills on Friday during the ropes course which is good, no swimming which is unfortunate.

OK time to take the Turtle to meet the Dragons.

Breathe And Move Like This Guy And Monsters Will Fall

Breathe And Move Like This Guy And Monsters Will Fall

One response to “Turtle meets Dragons

  1. Go Turtle!

    Hmmm. .. not quite right for Turtle. More like:

    Breathe On Turtle!

    This is such an exciting day. 24 leaders are about to dive into their Leader Within and a whole new level of living, loving, Level 4 Leadership. Even after all these years, the thought of it takes my breath away. Sort of like sun shining on the Pacific from our deck still inspires and moves me.

    I’m sending you lots of love across “the pond” and will be practicing right along side of you, here in the land of crusty baguettes and chocolate eclairs.

    I’ve decided that it really is ok to visit Paris AND Germany and not eat bread. . .a notion that I previously believed was not possible and actually immoral or something.

    I don’t think that the relationship between France and the US will crumble if I refrain from eating every delicious thing I see and I imagine that I’ll actually enjoy my trip MORE if I slow down, taste my food and stay with what works for my body.

    Thank you for the inspiration. . .Oh Wise Turtle One. I’ll be walking along side you in the land of Choice and even though I’m far away I really do feel connected and am not sad. Just as you predicted. You really are the most amazing being.

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