Success In Transforming the Dragon to a Cat

The Dragon Becomes A Cat   
A Little Wary Yet Loveable

The Dragon Becomes A Cat A Little Wary Yet Loveable

Well after a great Ropes course day and an awesome day after I am back here in my blog to report on my journey of consciousness and intention. It is the last day of this Retreat 1 with the Water Dragons and I have been up every morning this week, except yesterday morning where I gave mySelf permission (and Karen gave me permission) to sleep in, and I either wrote in my blog or meditated or some combination of the two. I stayed conscious with my food at about an 7.5-8, there were a couple of unconscious grabs of something sweet later in the days, that I have to keep an eye on next time. I can feel in my body that I didn’t have much impact on helping my body return to the size it would prefer to be, I can also feel that I didn’t abuse or make my body larger then it was at the beginning of the week. My body feels fine, not thrilled, not fat, just fine. I got some good walking and hill climbing in and I got some good focused and effective standing and moving while leading in. I would say that I didn’t slay the dragon, and I did transform him into a large and independent house cat. The kind of cat that you don’t fear and you also respect and keep your distance from. The kind of cat that has an independent streak that you have to respect, and that clearly loves you and counts on you for feeding and caring. There is no longer a dragon to defeat called R1, and there is a house cat to care for and love and respect and to create a closer relationship with in the future.

Some of the things I might practice at future Leadership retreats are to practice even more restraint at the buffet and to eat alone occasionally, like one meal a day, where I have no meeting or socializing and I just devote mySelf to full consciousness with the meal and no conversation at all. I think that I might find I could even skip an occasional lunch and take an apple and a granola bar on a little walk with me. Get a little 1/3 and 2/3s in for a spell.

The work of polishing the diamonds of consciousness has begun in earnest with these wonderful people. I do love my life and my work. I love witnessing the shifts and transformations that show up on the faces in front of me every day. I love the hearts opening and the foreheads relaxing. I love the bodies filling up with energy like a balloon fills up with air, as the shoulders go back and the neck gets longer and the chest fills with a deep breath. I love the range of expression and experience that shows up in the human being as they step more fully and completely into their personal power and purpose. This is what my life is dedicated to, to awakening these multifaceted diamonds to their fullest brilliance and shine and keeping them polished and clear so that they can reflect the light of the universe out into a world that needs them. What ever I can do in mySelf to become that vision will only increase my ability to create it.

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