Captains Log, Stardate Gratitude and Hope

I Journey Into New Universes   I Seek Out Consciousness That Wants To Be Awakened   And I Stand In Awe Of The Beauty Of Life

I Journey Into New Universes
I Seek Out Consciousness That Wants To Be Awakened
And I Stand In Awe Of The Beauty Of Life

Good Morning Me. I am home and I am upstairs at my computer in my “command deck of the starship Enterprise” office looking out over a universe of fog with distant galaxies of dark and light matter just appearing in front of me. The ongoing mission is to journey deep into where all humans live and most have not gone before. Our prime directive is to Stay and awaken the consciousness and the Leader in those humans until this Universe we are living in is responsibly held in consciousness.

In order to carry out this mission we the crew need to be diving deeply into our own consciousnesses (say that ten times very fast 🙂 ) and we need to fully and completely love our Selves. Loving our Selves means every part of our Selves, the wholeness of us, at the same time as we need to not tolerate the neglect, abuse or abandonment of any part of our Selves. We need to be able to be in complete command of our Selves and responsible for the way our Selves impact the Universe. We need to find compassion for and then reign in those parts of our Selves that distract us or lead us away from our mission and listen but not be run by those parts of our Selves. We need to be open to learn from others as we move about this Universe and with that openness and curiosity allow our consciousnesses to deepen even further. We need to be constantly in awe of the beauty and wonder that is out there and find ways to bring the stories of what we witness back to our people. We need to step into the fear and the unknown with Coure-Rage, the rage of the heart, literally throwing our hearts out ahead of us as we explore areas of consciousness that are terrifying and unknown and maybe unknowable. We need to be committed above all to affirming Life and ending all activities that lead us down a path of destruction of Life. This is our mission here on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise that is my office.

I am pleased to report that I have just come back from a very successful mission in the shuttle craft from the planet Wildwood and had a wonder-full encounter with the species Water Dragon. We seemed to connect well and as a result of our encounter there seems to be a channel open for deeper work in both consciousness and leadership for both the Water Dragons and the crew of the Enterprise. I am grateful for the lessons learned and appreciative of the feeling of any wisdom we had to pass on was well received. It was a magnificent meeting. I look forward to more contact in the future.

On a personal note I had written in this captains log about my fear of dragons before encountering this species and I am happy to report that the Fear has been slain. I now feel quite capable of meeting these kind of situations and staying conscious and following my personal intention. Sure I slipped occasionally and as so many of my crew and supporters have pointed out that is what makes me oh so human. So I promise to all of my crew and supporters and to all of the future species I will meet out there that I will slip over and over again as I keep stepping down this path of consciousness and as I keep moving through this universe. I will continue to follow the path of the turtle and the bear as I journey deeper into the integration of mySelf.

Thankyou all for being the amazingly supportive readers that you are and know that one of the first things I do in the morning after, or sometimes even before, I write my entry for the day is read your comments and bathe in the beauty, the wisdom, the support, and even the corrections that are contained there. Thank you so much.

4 responses to “Captains Log, Stardate Gratitude and Hope

  1. Dear Henry,
    And now I feel like I am on a journey with you, and not just watching you….. how is that? !!! And there is something about chartering unknown territory knowing that you are not alone.
    Love Emma

  2. Star Trek holds so many great metaphors for life. What I’m always fascinated by is that every Star Trek show (the orginial Star Trek, the 80’s update, Deep Space Nine, Voager Enterprise, etc) always has one character who is part human/part something else i.e. Spock, Data (robot with human emotions), that Changling in Deep Space nine who longed to be human, Seven of Nine the Borg in Vogager

    ANYWAY I digress with some Trekie small talk! My point is, there is something fascinating about those characters because they are the ones that are really grappling with what it means to be human – they are both a part of and not a part of it – they see with an observors perspective and also they are human to a certain extent. I think it’s something holding the tension of belonging/not-belonging.

    Very intriguing – but unfortunately, now I have the orginal Star Trek theme tune bouncing around in my head!

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