The Wind Up

See how he is looking forward   And everything else is moving backwards  As it all gets ready to explode forward

See how he is looking forward
And everything else is moving backwards
As it all gets ready to explode forward

OK so yesterday I started my stepping forward again. It is sort of like the the warm up of a pitcher in baseball. The ball is still in my hand and I am pulling my energy up and away from where I am going to throw it so that I can get all my momentum headed towards where that ball is going to go. While I am back on that back foot I am pulling up my front foot and winding my throwing hand back and loading mySelf like a spring, and yet all the motion is still backwards as I prepare to unload the momentum to move forward.

So let’s be honest here, “All” the motion hasn’t been backwards. I had a relatively good day with my 1/3 program (New readers check out “About this Blog” to know what I am talking about). I started out with a single poached egg on top of a slice of pepper salami on a small piece of rye toast, all of which was perfectly cooked. mmmm especially good because it was consciously eaten while in company of collegues. During our design time, I am in the process of designing a training camp for our CTI leaders with Clark, Nancy and Sabrina who are all incredibly talented and alive creative folk, I noshed on some rice chips and nuts in a semi conscious way (part of the windup). We then had lunch which I practiced restraint and moderation on, giving mySelf less in some of the dishes and not finishing all of what was on my plate, yet being completely satisfied. I cut up a cantelope for afternoon snack with the team and had half of what I could have had of the sweetness. This is where the backwards motion of the windup really set in as I had a couple of martinis while I was barbequeing the chicken and veggies for dinner and a glass of wine at dinner. So I was feeling no pain and I wasn’t as conscious as I would have been had I been sipping a sparkling water. I do know though that I had a small piece of chicken and small amount of grilled veggies, however I blazed through my first really juicy ear of corn of the summer.

Wind up now complete and today I am ready to throw the pitch and move forward. After I am done writing I will be going down to enjoy a bowl of cereal, of which I will only eat half or so, until my consciousness says “DONE”. I will head in to town for a swim around noon and move into two wonderfully conscious meals alone for lunch and dinner as I step fully back on the path following that brilliantly pitched ball.

2 responses to “The Wind Up

  1. Henry,
    Last year I began a new relationship with eating and my body as well. I knew that I finally had to get serious about my emotional eating habits. I was blessed with support from my Wolf tribe, and a new fearlessness around just sitting with my emotions instead of acting on them. For me, my success laid in my ability to finally get that nothing will fill the void inside me, and that this void is only one of an infinite number of perspectives I have in any moment.

    I love your deep contemplation around this thing called change/transformation. Clearly, your life’s work, and a subject I too am fascinated by.

    I look forward to more.

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