Surfing in calm waters

Sinking into the moment

Sinking into the moment

It’s a beautiful calm day on the ocean in front of my house. The sky and the water are a silvery blue. It is my first entire day off in this weekend of 2 days off and I am beside myself with delight and yummyness. Karen and I just had some delicious scrambled eggs with a little salami, cheese and salsa in them and some grapefruit juice which I ate consciously and savored, as did she. We are digesting now as I get ready to head in to town for a swim and she will go for a nice walk. No hurry and as much nothing to do as possible.

Out on the water there are some Saturday surfers sitting on their surfboards on a calm sea, riding the occasional bumps in the water that surge under them, patiently waiting for an actual wave that they can ride for a few seconds before it too fades into froth and then calm. They wait and they wait and go for it on an occasional tiny wave, nothing happens and they wait some more. Although I am not a surfer on the ocean, I do know that sense of sitting on the surfboard, waiting for the wave. I can be on that surfboard in a frustrated way “Will a wave ever come?” “It’s Saturday, God, it’s my only day off for surfing and you give me this calm crap, I want to surf dude not wait.” “Aw come on bring me the wave”. OR I could sit on that surfboard and yield to the silvery blue water and sky and feel mySelf floating for eternity in the arms of Moriella the Goddess of water. Feel mySelf slip into that timeless place of being in the now that is simply blissful. I could stay here in this place forever in deep stillness and contemplation as I feel mySelf rocked occasionally by the little bumps and the small waves passing under me as I sit here on my board. As my awareness moves out to a wider and wider ability to take in this water and it’s movement, I could feel into when the wave that wanted to take me for a ride was coming, maybe even before it started to make itself apparent, I could feel it coming. Without adding any tension, just feeling mySelf in that moment of now, floating on my board, I would know that when it was time my body would know what to do and we would all be doing what was needed to get the board moving with the wave and what was needed to be standing on the board, and being deeply in touch with that wave and the water, gliding along on it’s crest and feeling the world now in motion where it just a moment before was in stillness. The ride ends and I lie down on my board, grateful for the board, my body, the wave, the water and indeed all of life as I paddle back out to the spot where I sink back in and start it all over again.

I know that I have both ways of interacting with the world. I know that sometimes I get frustrated and impatient with the way things are and that they aren’t going the way I want them to. I also know that sometimes I sink into the moment and find that stillness and recognize that it is ok that there is no wave to ride now and that one will come along eventually and I will be ready. I choose to keep moving to that choice and that reality more and more in my life and as I do to let go of expectations and trying to push the world and life into some convenient shape for me. I choose instead to be present and conscious of the world as it is and to feel my dream growing and when the wave comes along be ready to ride it.

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