Low Tide

The Shape of Everything Changes with a Very Low Tide   Much Gets Revealed or Uncovered

The Shape of Everything Changes with a Very Low Tide
Much Gets Revealed or Uncovered

I am looking out at my beach this morning and noticing one of those rare very low tides where there is much more beach exposed then usual and rocks that are usually under water appear and look like they were always there. The beach seems so vast and the people walking on it seem so small. I think I see a little pink sweatshirt and black pants fast-walking down there on the beach this morning that is my beloved Karen taking in a quick huffer around a beach that is getting bigger then we are used to it being. I am so used to the ocean being soo big and the beach just shifting its shape here and there over time. I am not as familiar with the beach being big and the ocean shifting its shape over time. I am sure there is a metaphor in here for me to mine in connection with my intention, I can feel it right there like a rock ready to reveal itself as the tide pulls back. The countonable shoreline that is made up of the sea holding a somewhat consistent ebb and flow and the beach staying somewhat the same shape is always there, shifting and reshaping slightly but within expectations. Then along comes a really high or low tide and the unexpected happens, the beach becomes this giant and the ocean recedes, or the beach disappears altogether and the ocean conquers the beach. The earth is fickle in it’s appearance, it is always changing its mind about how it wants to look. It has fires and volcanos and storms and tides that are always changing it’s surface around. Maybe we are like the earth with our bodies, maybe the surface of our bodies are always shifting and moving, sometimes in surprising ways. I know I have been aware of the big fires, volcanos and storms that have hit my body in the form of rashes, cysts, diseases, bumps, burns, scrapes, breaks, and the like. Maybe things like fat, hair-loss, wrinkles and the like are more like the tides. For the most part they move along in an expected way and then all of a sudden there is a surprising ebb or flow and something gets bigger and something else gets smaller or some shape changes in a big way that is quite different from body as usual. I think the most important thing for me to realize about these big or sudden changes is that they are almost always temporary and that the shoreline will move back to it’s subtle shifting relationship with the ocean in a day or two. So if I mark the sudden shifts in my body as success or failure I am deluded and perhaps disappointed when things settle back into a more familiar form. It is my ability to dream and create an ongoing subtle shift over time so that the shoreline shape-shift of my body is hardly noticeable over time and yet shockingly noticeable when looked at beginning and end.

That’s fun, finding metaphor and meaning in whatever strikes me. I’ll have to do that again some time 🙂

Accountability –
1/3 – 1/2 Bowl of cereal with berries and nuts and milk for breakfast
2/3s of a lamb burger and 1/2 a small bowl of salad for lunch
1 1/2 Bourbon with 3 slices cheese on fig bread for cocktails
3 small slices of ham, broccoli and a medium lamb for dinner with glass and a half of wine

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