Soaring, dipping, smashing & Oysters

Nothing Soars, Dips and Smashes   Quite Like an Osprey

Nothing Soars, Dips and Smashes
Quite Like an Osprey

Every morning after my meditation I come here to write something out to ponder, to hold mySelf accountable, to open up my consciousness for the day. I usually put some music on, some New Age music without lyrics, that is designed to get your spirit and emotions engaged. Well this morning there was a song that came up that was a spirit soaring music. The music reached into my heart and took it for a flight out over the ocean. We soared and dipped and smashed into the surf, we floated and then soared again. It was a wonderful 3 or 4 minute journey as I sat here waiting for something to write to come to me. I am grateful that I was open to the experience rather then being so focused on what I wanted to write that the rest of mySelf was cut off from what was going on around me. I think that is what I mean by conscious, it isn’t just that deep inner looking into what it is that makes me merge and tick, it isn’t just that softening of the focus and sinking into everything that is all around me, it isn’t just anything. It is the ability to be in all those places at once, soaring, dipping, and smashing. Then starting all over again.

Irresistable Perfection   The essence of the Sea

Irresistable Perfection
The essence of the Sea

I had oysters last night for dinner as an appetizer. I discovered something about oysters, I can’t apply moderation to them, without wiping out my bank account. I can only apply restraint. I don’t know if I could eat enough oysters to feel full while at the same time being conscious. I have to take long enough between each oyster to savor it and appreciate it’s difference from the last oyster I ate that I think my digestion would just keep up with my eating and I could keep up that kind of oyster eating and savoring meditation for hours. I am imagining that my tongue would tire of the taste before my belly would feel full. I even find that difficult to imagine though. That must mean that oysters are the perfect food for the gormand. A food you could just keep eating, never tire of and because you savor them so slowly and delectably your digestion keeps up with the pace of your eating and you never reach fullness or tiredness because your energy is always being replenished by all that essence of the oceans and seas being renewed to your system. Ah raw oysters may just be the perfect food.

Of course my goal isn’t to set myself up as someone who would be able to eat and never stop. The universe isn’t in support of that particular prayer or dream. So the universe helps me not going down that path by making the oysters too expensive so a natural restraint and moderation occurs, no need to choose to restrain or moderate because the budget of reality will chime in and say “Are you kidding me?” So the fantasy can continue and thank god it will never be realized. When fantasies like that are realized it is inevitably disappointing, isn’t it. It is the kind of fantasy that makes for a great story or parable and doesn’t really make anyone happy if it were to play out in real life.

Enough on oysters. The rest of the meal was delightful and I was conscious at a level of 7-8, which isn’t great but isn’t bad either. I was having great conversation with Karen and my brother Sam who is here to design some cool stuff with us around Leadership. We are designing great stuff and eating good food consciously.

One response to “Soaring, dipping, smashing & Oysters

  1. Do you think they are waiting for the dip again Henry! There is so much that I am learning from you. Your journey is inspirational. What I am noticing is the need to sink into any given moment and savour it. Particularly as the swell of emotion occurs that will trigger an unconscious action.

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