The Dance of YOU and I

254698_blogI am at peace this morning. My mood has shifted. I don’t know if I am climbing up out of my dip yet or simply spiking down at the bottom, and it doesn’t really matter. I am in touch with who I am completely and lovingly. There are many possible reasons for this shift; Karen coming home last night and needing me and me being there for her, getting a great nights sleep, meditating before coming up here to write, doing my homework for Black Lodge rather then resisting it, having a single poached egg on a piece of rye toast and being completely and consciously satisfied. These are all good possible causes all on their own and certainly together they must contribute to my feeling at peace with mySelf. Another reason might just be that it is time to move in that direction.

My homework for Black Lodge is to create a powerful “thought prayer practice”. In this training the belief is that every thought that we have is actually a prayer. The interesting thing is that the Universe is very committed to answering our prayers and giving us what we want. If most of our thoughts are ego based or destructive, the universe will give us what we want. If most of our thoughts are of awakening consciousness and affirming life in accordance with the ongoing dream of life then the universe will give us what we want. So the prayer practice is a way to focus thought prayers in a powerful way towards what we, meaning all of life, wants to grow and thrive and have some sort of inner peace. I don’t know why I resisted and put off this assignment for so long, it could have been that I was sliding down and crashing into the dip. It could have been that mySelf knew it just wasn’t time yet. Who knows? I did know yesterday though that it was time to get off my butt and ask for some help so I wrote to my fellow travelers in the Black Lodge and asked for some help and I looked at some stuff that my teachers had written about this and sure enough there was some excellent advice and help that came my way and this morning I realized a wonderful thing.

I truly and deeply got that I am not alone. That there is a big YOU out there in the universe. I share the possibility and the dream with YOU. I awaken consciousness with YOU. I create the ongoing evolution of the universe and life with YOU. Who are YOU? YOU are you and you and you and 6.5 billion human you’s and countless billions of other you’s out there. YOU are Great Spirit, God, the Universe, Allah, Jehovah, Krishna and countless other manifestations of YOU out there. I realized this morning that YOU and I have an intimate relationship. I realized that YOU and I are in a dance, a dream, and a prayer together to create a loving universe filled with life and light. So I created a powerful “thought prayer practice” that acknowledges the relationship of YOU and I and the road in front of us that we are walking as we wake up ourSelves and all of LIFE.

2 responses to “The Dance of YOU and I

  1. Dearest DiamondBear – Henry,

    I’m touched by your words today, and grateful that you directed me here. Indeed, you are not alone.

    Love to you,

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