Quails and Shakespeare

california-quailToday after a wonderful meditation and a contemplation on a quail couple squawking at each other in love and frustration, I thought of the way that Karen and I squawked at each other this weekend in love and frustration. Just like the quail sometimes I was following Karen around squawking and sometimes it was the other way. Then sometimes, like the quail, we would just stop and look out at the ocean. Then sometimes, like the quail, we would chirp at each other lovingly and sometimes the chirp would be a little funny or giggly. Then the squawk and the walk around would be back. Behind it all was the love and the STAY. Squawk on!

I am getting ready to leave for Ashland Oregon in a couple of hours. I’ll pick up Karen and we’ll drive up for our annual pilgrimage to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, where we will see 9 plays performed impeccably by artists that we admire and love seeing doing different roles in the same season. We also love escaping to a whole other universe of theatre and creativity and spending time gallery hopping and hanging with some friends. It is an unusually social experience for Karen and me as we seem to prefer our time off to be spent like hermits as much as possible staring out at the ocean and doing as much nothing as we can fit in. So I can feel the excitement rising in my chest as I think of moving into this new and exciting world. I must confess I am also hoping for this time in Ashland to be the boost mySelf needs to begin the journey up the backside of the dip and start climbing again to the next peak.

The other wonderful opportunity that Ashland offers is in the domain of my intention and commitment to my 1/3 2/3s Moderation program. I will be eating out at restaurants for the most part and moderation will be the key opportunity instead of the restraint that I have learned to focus on when cooking for mySelf. So I get to practice sharing meals with Karen or eating only half my meal and taking the rest back for lunch the next day. I am also looking forward to swimming almost every day while I am up there, I have found a YMCA that I can join for the week and I can swim while Karen works out in the morning.

I feel a little bit like I am writing a letter to a family member in this blog entry. I don’t know why that is so, it just is. So family members out there, have a great day and a great week. I will be checking in here on the blog while in Ashland, maybe I’ll see you here. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment, I love reading comments. Send the link to your friends. The more the merrier.

2 responses to “Quails and Shakespeare

  1. Dear Henry,
    I am almost half way through the certification process. We are at curiosity. It is so lovely to hear your voice, and immediately when I hear it a sort of new excitement unfolds. Why is that? So what I am curious about is this dip business. We’ve heard quite a bit about it over the last few weeks. I wonder what you have made up to be true?
    Have a wonderful time with the bard.
    Love Emma

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