Seeing Each Other

Seeing Through the "Stuff" with New Eyes

Seeing Through the Stuff with New Eyes

I arrived in Ashland last night and we checked into our motel and unpacked and walked over (I do love that about this place, everything is walkable) to one of our favorite restaurants, Kobe, a Japanese Fusion kind of place with delicious and beautiful food and very creative drinks. We had a couple of very creative drinks and a moderate amount of food, some shared edemame, pot stickers, small plate of eggplant, 2 sushi rolls. I was still somewhat hungry after that and was tempted to order more and I tuned into mySelf and got conscious and realized that I had had enough. And we both were desiring something sweet, and sweet is fine especially if you aren’t stuffed already. So we went out for a short walk and came to a delightful gelato store and had a cone as we walked back to our motel. What a great way to start 1/3 2/3s here in Ashland, walking and moderating, savoring and appreciating our bodies and what goes into them.

We had a great trip of transition conversation as we drove up and ate our dinner. It is so important to be able to leave the world we live in, day to day, behind in order to fully sink into the experience of Theatre, art and creativity that is up here. In order to leave that behind a transition needs to happen from solving problems, protecting turf and people, fielding complaints and dissappointments, mixing it up with the economy, and a myriad of other things both personal and business, to life is theatre and theatre is life, all things are possible, the world is what I make of it, Shakespeare Rocks, and everything is going to work out exactly as it is meant to. That is quite a transition and so far Karen and I have done a terrific job of navigating the rocky channel full of all sorts of challenging currents. We had to toss it around a bit over the last few days and in the car on the way up and something clicked into place for me in the car and something clicked into place for Karen in the restaurant, where I think we both could feel that we had done it, we had made it through that rocky channel to the Bay of Ashland and our boat was sound and ready to sail with a nice strong breeze.

There was this beautiful moment of consciousness awakening, and this is my purpose you know, when Karen’s eyes filled with tears and she looked over at me in the restaurant and said “Hello” and I said “Hi” back and she said “I just realized that I haven’t seen You for 3 weeks or so.” That is such a powerful thing when stuff gets moved out of the way and you can truly see your beloved even though you have been “seeing” them all along you haven’t really been taking them in. It is such an amazing thing to be seen too, like a bath in a cool mountain lake, such a relief, all the “trying to be seen or understood” just melts away in that moment of consciousness. When we do really “see” each other we also see that we are the same light we have always been at the same time there is something new, some new growth or shift that has happened in this real person that is across from us that we missed in all that time of not seeing and assuming that we were doing up until that moment. So thank you Karen, my love, for seeing me and even more for reminding me how easy it is for each and every one of us to forget to look in a way that we truly see each other.

3 responses to “Seeing Each Other

  1. Henry, thanks for this reminder. I am forwardng a motto I came accross when I was thinking about my own direction in life, sounds like it is coming from a similar place: “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” / Marcel Proust. Enjoy life with a view! Iveta

  2. Oh Henry, your shared moment of consciousness awakening moved me right into conscious presence in my own chair. Thanks for sharing that lovely encounter! Hoping you have lots more!!

  3. Total goosebumps.

    “That is such a powerful thing when stuff gets moved out of the way and you can truly see your beloved even though you have been “seeing” them all along you haven’t really been taking them in.”

    So true, so clean, so hearts bursting. I think I will go ‘See’ my husband now.

    Loving it, you and the staying power of your quest.

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