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Accountability –

2/3s – I have gone to the YMCA 3 of the 5 days I have been here so far and plan to go again tomorrow morning. I have swum between 30 and 50 lengths of the pool each time and on the third day, yesterday morning, my body was stiff and achey from the first two days and still I swam. I knew that my body was feeling the effects of working the muscles harder then they are used to working and no part of me, including my body, really minded that there was a little bit of pain, in fact we were all a bit proud. I am also walking everywhere in this town of walking and the weather has been glorious so that walking is not just a matter of getting from point a to point b there are all sorts of things to notice and shop for as you walk around the streets and parks of Ashland.

1/3 – I have done very well with food. Most days I have only two meals because of the theatre schedule it is just easier to do it that way. We have a late Brunch and an early dinner. The meals have been delicious and nutritious and there has been something left behind at every meal, except the sushi meals where they have been light and shared between 4 of us, between the four of us the plates get cleaned:-)

We saw two more productions yesterday that were both very well done. The first was a matinee of The Music Man which is a truly great and subtly clever musical. This being Ashland which is completely committed to clarity of the language, I got to understand a lot of the nuances that often get missed in most of the other versions I have seen. This also being Ashland, which is committed to color blind casting (most often this is really a great thing and sometimes it is a questionable choice), a bad choice was made in the casting of Marian the Librarian. However the rest of the cast was incredible. We also saw a production of the rarely seen and produced Henry VIII by Shakespeare. We had gone to a lecture about Henry VIII before the show so we were able to follow more knowledgebly what was going on and still it was extremely well done and the role of first wife Catherine of Arogon is a wonderful role with incredible monologues for women, which is often a complaint of actresses looking for good Shakespearian monologues for women that aren’t commonly done. Look no further there are some awesome ones here.

Vilma Silva was wonderful as Cathereine   
and the new guy Elija Alexander was great as Henry VIII

Vilma Silva was wonderful as Cathereine and the new guy Elija Alexander was great as Henry VIII

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