Monday, After a Good Weekend

Favorite Pic of the two of us loving   the beach and each other

Favorite Pic of the two of us loving
the beach and each other

It’s Monday. I am getting up, on this last week before I head up to Georgian Bay and vacinity for a month, from a relaxing and loving weekend with my beloved, during which we had several great conversations. None of those conversations spiraled down into the void when there were most likely plenty of opportunities for either of us to get on that spiral we didn’t. This makes for a wonderfully easy and peaceful weekend. With Karen working as hard as she is at CTI and staying at the CTI apartment during the week, the weekends are really our time to connect more deeply and in person then we can over the phone. Sometimes we do that well and sometimes we get on that nasty spiral and end up in the briar patch of a mess that we have to somehow dig out of. So the weekends that we do well in deserve some sort of special recognition. So HOOZAH H & K for an awesome weekend filled with peace and love.

After my post yesterday, thanks for the kick in the butt Yvette, I hit the stairs with 4-5 doubles and walked the beach and spent a good portion of the morning on my ball at my computer. Boy that ball is a good thing, it moves and stretches me and gives me all sorts of mini opportunities to move and move some more. Today I’ll double walk the stairs and work the ball and probably won’t get anything else in. Tomorrow I’ll get in a swim and some stair and ball time as well as a parking lot walk. I am already thinking about the wonderful swims I’ll get up at the cottage every day, maybe even twice a day 🙂

Food was good yesterday, breakfast and lunch were delightful sit on the deck and eating consciously affairs with leftovers for breakfast and restraint and no leftovers for lunch. Dinner was a well composed meal with restrained portion size and we took trays down and watched a movie. Not the best thing for conscious eating but sometimes it is a fun weekend treat to do and the food was so tasty that we couldn’t help but be conscious and pause the movie occasionally to comment about the tastiness of it.

I know this post makes it seem like all the stress is gone and it isn’t by a long shot. There are meetings happening this week and decisions that are being made that are definitely stressful and will be hard to make. But on the other side of a glorious weekend of sunshine and love they all feel just a little easier and for the moment a little less important.

One response to “Monday, After a Good Weekend

  1. Hello love:

    Reading your blog this morning reminds me of the life giving importance of those peaceful times. I’m easing into my week, feeling whole and at peace and knowing that I will be able to navigate whatever comes. Thank you for being such a huge, grounded, nourishing home for me. I love you.

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