Appreciating Sexy Superheroes

Just another photo of Karen and Me

Just another photo of Karen and Me

Last night I dreamed of sexy superheroes and this morning I woke up to a slew of beautiful comments on my blog in facebook. I’m feeling a bit like a sexy superhero this morning. A sexy superhero with poison oak on his butt and a pile of laundry waiting and a load of work to do before he flies off to save the day, and none the less a sexy superhero for all of that. I woke up this morning stumbling around wanting to get back in my dream, grumbling as I got in the shower and made my tea, always ready to disbelieve my dream, right at that edge of doubt and disbelief, and I sat down on my ball and looked out the window at the ocean and felt my chest open up a little, then I turned to the right and looked at facebook on my computer and read the lovely comments and my chest opened up even more. I realized how grateful I am for my life. I remembered the dream of sexy superheroes and realized I was one and my chest opened up even more with love and appreciation for all of the people in my life. As my love and appreciation spread out from my heart any doubt or disbelief that was still lingering shuffled back to some dark corner to wait for the next opportunity to come out and sing for it’s dinner. Thank you all you diamonds of love and consciousness for making this life so sweet.

You know I just realized why we make such a brou ha ha ha about something like Michael Jackson’s death. It was odd to me how all other news disappeared and the crowds that formed and the tears that were shed, I just didn’t get it. Then in writing the above paragraph I realized how much we humans want to express love and appreciation and we just don’t in our day to day lives very much, so we need occasion to do so. And here we are in the middle of an economic crisis, revolution in Iran, starvation in Darfur, war in Iraq and Afganistan, and all sorts of stressors. We humans are desperate to love and appreciate and have some gratitude in the midst of all this. So we catch a hold of whatever opportunity will give us that permission to go full out with our love and not feel like idiots. So I deeply apologize to all those folks I thought were going “over the top” about this whole Michael Jackson thing and want to say, “Keep going, keep loving, keep filling the world with appreciation, gratitude, and singing and dancing.

Yesterday was a good day in terms of restraint (except for the delicious cheesecake I had at book club last night), and had not much movement except some stairs. I was going to swim today but the pool is on it’s summer schedule and it just won’t work for me, so I think I’ll take a walk on the beach instead (The picture of me and Karen of yesterdays post has inspired me). I’ll double walk the stairs today and park away from the door when I go to the grocery store.

Have a good day filled with lots of Love and Appreciation!

2 responses to “Appreciating Sexy Superheroes

  1. Hello love:

    Gratitude and appreciation is one of the most healing things I know. Thank you for reminding me to stand in that place this morning. So nourishing!

    BTW, you are absolutely MY sexy super hero and you’ve “saved the day” countless times. I hope I rememer to tell you that often enough and to let you know how much I appreciate your grounded wisdom and clear vision. Thank you!

  2. Hi Henry,

    Our dreams often show us what and who we are deep inside. Appreciate your perspective on the outpouring of emotion over MJ’s death. It is time to forgive and appreciate. I think I’ll dance & sing down the hall now.

    With gratitude to you, Sexy Superhero!

    Love, Jennet

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