Paradox Dance

window_paradoxIt’s one of those mornings where life feels like a dance. Where one thing seems to be flowing into another and then into another with out any of that typical wondering that occupies a moment before I go to the next thing. Things are just feeling like they are popping up as the next thing to pay attention to and I do, find that or finish that and the next thing pops up. I even imagined that I lost something that I needed this morning and I had a moment of “anxiety” of needing to go into the whirlwind of “finding” and lo and behold the thing ended up in an obvious place and no whirlwind needed. I love these kind of mornings, and the unfortunate thing is that I don’t live here more in my life. I seem to like to struggle a bit, stir up my emotions some, become passionate about the littlest things, let my energies churn and swirl more then is necessary. On the one hand it keeps things alive and interesting for me and on the other I often miss this beautiful ballet of moment dancing into moment in fluid and graceful motion.

As I am preparing to leave the house again for a month I am aware of a desire to leave and travel in the dance and not the churn. I want to handle the things that need to get handled in a graceful and easy way and then slide into the car and head east, drive across the country in a smooth and steady way, arrive at the cottage on Georgian Bay already rested so that I don’t even need the typical couple of days to “wind down”. I want to dance in the paradoxes of Smooth & Passionate, Vulnerable & Powerful, Enthusiastic & At Peace, Graceful & Flawed, Still & Dancing.

I am looking forward to this time at the cottage as a time of renewing and deepening my intention around consciousness and integration. I look forward to swimming every day (unless we have a thunder storm) and practicing moderation with food and drink. I look forward to the time I will spend with my Mom and then with Karen and WhiteEagle. I look forward to my journey home feeling the call of the peoples pipe that is calling me. This dance feels like a powerful pilgrimage to the next place.

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