The Day Before Independence

To Pop or Not To Pop?

To Pop or Not To Pop?

Well it’s July 3rd. The day before Independence. That must mean that in some way it is the last day of some sort of captivity, the last day of this life as I know it. Tomorrow is Independence Day, the day of declaration, the day taking a stand, the day of the word. Sunday July 5 is the day of moving, of acting on that independence, of taking to the streets and hitting the road. So what am I captured by? What enslaves me? What is it that I want to be freed from? What are the chains holding me down that I want to break apart?

Actually I feel pretty good. I am aware of that new tap root, actually ancient tap root, of “I Am Wrong” that feeds a lot of the answers to those questions. I could spend some time stalking that sucker to it’s deepest point and pull that root up. I certainly don’t feel trapped in my relationship or my work. I sometimes feel a bit trapped in the “realities” around work. I have this life that I love, house that I love, and this work that I love, and sometimes these “realities”, like the economic slump we are all in, or needing to pay the bills trap me into making decisions that I don’t love. Sometimes I have to make decisions, in order to attempt to preserve something that I love, that I really don’t like or that might hurt someone I love. I would love to declare independence from those kind of situations. The truth is though that I live in this world of “realities”. I can pray and dream for it to be another way and then do my best to move things towards that dream. I can make other choices. Boy it’s a heart twister though to choose to let go of something you love so you don’t hurt another. To give up all that I know and love to protect another. I am not sure I am willing to make that declaration. I am not sure I want that independence, in fact that is smelling a lot like co-dependence and not independence. So maybe I will declare independence from Self-betrayal, I will come clean with mySelf and take complete responsibility for my choices. When I make a choice that hurts someone I take responsibility for it to the best of my ability and do what I can to heal the situation. I stay in relationship and I don’t abandon mySelf or the other. These are the things that I have been strengthening in mySelf as I integrate and discover who I Am.

2 responses to “The Day Before Independence

  1. Hi Henry:

    I love these questions. I think I am most enslaved by the complying side of my nature and by my desire (or should I say NEED) to have the people I love be happy. I’ve been growing steadily in the direction of freedom from this enslavement.

    And I realize I’ve been dreaming a strange dream about it. I’ve said things like “Well, I will probably ALWAYS get tripped up there. That is an unfortunate dream indeed.

  2. I love these questions too! I was inspired by the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur to do a business independence declaration, which I think is great. And I love your questions because they bring in a different level of life.

    I need to think of what type of declaration I would do here… maybe it would be “the lid” from Leadership, of “Having nothing to say”. I declare, that I put that aside. Be connected to my core and speak my truth.

    Happy July 4th!

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