1/3 – 2/3s at the Island

Hauling up 4 or 5 loads from the dock to the cabin    Good for 2/3s

Hauling up 4 or 5 loads from the dock to the cabin Good for 2/3s

Another bright and beautiful morning here in Georgian Bay. Another morning where I am huddled up in my sweatshirt and my wooly socks shivering as I contemplate the dip I am going to take and when in the day I will take it. Clearly early in the morning is not the time. Maybe a bit later as the sun has a chance to warm things up a bit. Yesterday’s dip was a one dipper meaning that it was just for refreshing myself and not for soaping up and getting clean and rinsing off, which needs 2 dips. So today really needs to be a 2 dipper and strategic thinking is required.

Yesterday was a big day for reading, which is one of my favorite activities when I am up here at the island. Just sinking into a good book with no distractions around me accept the incredible views and the wonderful air. So as I am reading I get my exercise by getting out of one chair or couch and settling into another or moving out to a chair on the deck for a bit and then moving into a chair on the dining porch. This moving and reading and moving and reading gets very tiring after awhile and a nap is sometimes needed. I usually try to alternate a fiction with a non fiction and often get through several books a week when I am up here. I also spend some quality time in book discussions with my Mom who is also reading and studying or painting. So even though this is a vacation in the most beautiful spot in the world it is also a place of some wonderful stimulation of the mind and senses.

It isn’t a place that gets much 2/3s activity, however. I do get a good workout when I do town runs and I am getting some parking lot walks in as well as loading and unloading the car and the boat and hauling all the stuff from the boat up to the cabin, which actually gets me breathing hard and sweating and is definitely building muscle mass up. Unfortunately town runs are only every 4 or 5 days up here and on the other days I was planning to swim and it’s just to F*&%(*&G cold, so my 2/3s has been musical chairs while I am reading which is does not a very happy body make. I think today I’ll do a walk around the island and we are taking a boat ride to a place where I can do a bit of walking so I’ll get some walking in today before I start my new book.

I also need to tighten up a bit on my 1/3 program. I am doing all of the cooking right now for Mom and me and I am cooking healthy food and surely eating less then in the old days. There are loads of left overs and we are having them for lunch and breakfast. I could be a bit more conscious while eating and even see if I can eat slower then Mom, who puts my turtle to shame. I also have to watch grazing while reading. I have a tendency to skip lunch and have some snacks during the day between breakfast and dinner while I am reading. This is almost as unconscious as eating in front of the computer, and I need to stop that. Vacation up here has often meant to me vacation from “everything”, including diet and exercise commitments and then I come home with old bad habits in place. This is not what I want to do this time.

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