Preparing for the Conversation on The Bay

A great example of a quality conversation at the island.

A great example of a quality conversation at the island.

I just finished a delightful meditation and flute playing out on the point enjoying the warmth of the sun for the first time really since I got up here several days ago. It has been unseasonably cold and I have been bundled up in sweats and socks for days. It’s nice to be in my native clothes of shorts and tshirt again and be able to meditate out in the sun and the breeze and not feel like I need a sweater. Tomorrow Karen, Sam, WhiteEagle and Lee come for some interesting conversations and some hanging out together in this beautiful place. While I am really looking forward to the change of pace and the new conversations and introducing two new people to my corner of paradise, I will miss the quality time I have had here with Mom. We have had wonderful discussions on our typical WIDE range of topics. The tradition seems to be building, especially during these cold days, of me getting up first and making some coffee and then sitting down and doing some writing, either here in the blog or doing some Black Lodge homework and then Mom coming in an hour or so later and fixing her coffee and then sitting down at the window together to have our morning chat, which seems to go for a couple of hours. Then one of us gets up and grabs our book or whatever it is we’re working on and we head off into our own worlds until around 5-6 and then we get together for cocktails and then dinner for the next 3 or 4 hours and talk about what ever we have been reading or studying about. Just about when it is getting dark with the dishes done we head off to our rooms to do an hour or more of night time reading, then the whole thing starts over again the next morning. It really is cool and fun to have this incredible place of beauty and such great stimulation at the same time. The only bummer is her smoking and how that causes my eyes to itch and get red and alergies to kick up. But then she is 81 and has been smoking since she was a teenager and I am 56 and everytime I have ever been with her there has been smoke. It is something that is getting so rare in my life though that I am more and more unused to it.

I do wish it were warmer for the folks coming up. The dips in the morning are truly tests of courage and torture and they normally are surprising splashes of complete freshness and aliveness. Ah, but if it stays like it is right now at least it will be glorious to sit out on the deck or the rocks and have some great chat about important things, like how do you both run a successful business and do sacred work that needs to be available to all including those who can’t afford it? How do you not let your business be overtaken by the traditional “needs” of business and stay dedicated to the transformation that you always intended for your business to create? How do you ride these very stormy economic waters and get to the other side without constricting so far that you forget who you are? How do you pay the bills of a business and keep it running when the revenue drops due to less money flowing and keep doing the work that you know that you must do? How do you make the work you do available to everyone and stay in business? These are some of the questions we are going to be having brilliant conversations on. Doesn’t that sound cool?! What will business look like when these questions can be worked out so that everyone is happy? How will education and transformation look when these questions are answered?

So any of you out there who might be reading this between July 15 and 19 send powerful thoughts and prayers towards Georgian Bay for some magical conversation.

3 responses to “Preparing for the Conversation on The Bay

  1. Brilliant and important conversation Henry and what a place to do it. Indeed, many people will learn from your answers to these questions.

    Now, I’m troubled by comments in two of your blogs about “soaping up” and dipping in the fresh water of Georgian Bay. Please know that even biodegradable soaps are harmful to the fresh water we are struggling to preserve. What many view as a tradition or fun part of the vacation experience actually pollutes the precious waters of the Great Lakes. As a keeper of this resource, I am sensitive to the care of the waters we share.

    With respect and appreciation, Daryl

  2. Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and magic joojoo that you sent. The conversation was intimate and wonderful. The people were real, vulnerable and playful. We looked at some immediate issues and concerns around our various ventures and opened up a couple of the big questions I was contemplating. Of course when big questions are opened up in great conversation what often happens is that it opens up even more questions and that is what keeps the conversation brilliant and alive. Although no big answers came in this conversation it was a brilliant and alive one, with loving and compassionate people in a remarkably beautiful place.

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