The Sun is Out, YAY

This is a picture from the internet cafe  that is 15 minutes from our cabin by boat

This is a picture from the internet cafe
that is 15 minutes from our cabin by boat

After 2 weeks of cold and rain here in paradise the sun and warmth have finally arrived. It’s a joy to sit here in my little cabin/tree house with the sun streaming here on my back looking out at the trees and the sky, listening to the birds singing there good morning song that seems to often go into the afternoon. Karen is over on the bed scrying over a tarot spread and humming to herself while I sit here with a cup of tea and not an ounce of hurry up.

WhiteEagle, Lee and Sam left yesterday after a wonderfully connected time of conversation and play. We looked into some of the questions, I posed earlier in the blog, and are still dancing with them. We looked deeply into how to do the work of Awakening Consciousness and still meet the needs of ourselves that are doing all that awakening out there. How do we nurture and care for these spirts, souls and bodies that are traveling all over the world while at the same time trying to create a sustaining place to rest? How do we not take it all so seriously and make sure we have plenty of time to play Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit and get tons of laughing in? We looked at all these questions while also getting out in a boat or a canoe for a little exploration of the channels, nooks and crannies that abound in this beautiful place. As in many a great ongoing conversation there are very few definitive “answers” and loads of deeper and often more personal questions that come up. There are often realizations of priorities that are now ordered differently then they once were. Disagreements are surfaced and Love is deepened. All of these things happen in the midst of brilliant conversation and all of those things happened in the last few days with the gang that was up here .

As always I am the head chef and Karen is the chief of the sink. When she is up here at the cottage her name becomes “Stands At Sink”. What I love the most about it is how she dances into it with out a peep or a squawk and it just gets done. She is amazing. I have noticed a difference with my cooking as well. I used to cook too much food and have bunches of left overs. Ever since my program has started I have gotten more precise in my shopping and cooking and have not made too much, instead making just enough for everyone to have all they want and have nothing left over. It is interesting that in the first few days of cooking for folks I was worried that I hadn’t bought enough or made enough and yet it dissipated very fast instead of clinging on as an obsession and then apologizing for it as the dinner was being served. This is a breakthrough for me in the area of my consciousness around food and my old taproot of “not enough”. The story just doesn’t have the pull it used to and that is exciting.

The water has warmed a little so that dips are actually refreshing instead of close to intolerable and swimming actually feels like it will be a possibility if things keep warming up like they seem to be. This is exciting for the 2/3s part of the program as I get my body moving more.

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