Island Dreams

Dreams – I need to be paying more attention to my night time dreams then I am. I know that I am dreaming wonderful and wild dreams up here in this little cabin. I know that some of the dreams are inspired by my reading and by my circumstances in terms of theme and characters. I also know that this place is conducive to powerful and meaningful dreaming. And of course this period of study in the Black Lodge is all about dreaming, both the daytime and the nighttime dream and weaving them together. In fact this particular month’s focus is about that weaving of the dreams and discovering what is there to learn. I know I had lots of dreams last night and now they are gone. I need to remind mySelf to remember my dreams upon waking and to record them while I am still in that semi sleep state before I wake up and start my day. So let’s see what happens tomorrow. I will also do a meditation/contemplation today and see if I can recall any images or parts of dreams that I have had over the last few days. Part of training my consciousness is to keep diving into all parts of it and what it is doing while I sleep is just as important as what it is up to while I am awake. Duh – It’s not like this is news to me, I have been in and out of dream study my entire adult life, I have been part of dream groups and Jungian study groups and worked with dreams many times and like so many other things that I learn and study and practice, they disappear and become a part of my history instead of something that is right there for me to draw on when I need it. It’s like I have to learn it all over again or remind mySelf all over again about how important it is when I already know how important it is and even how to do it and for some reason don’t. This is the pattern that shows up in many areas of my life and definitely I have dealt with here in this blog and on this program over and over again when it comes to intention, food, exercise and most of what I am relearning here. I know this stuff. There is this impatient part of me that says something like “Yah you know it and you should just do it and move on already.” It’s that “move on already” I think that has me know stuff but not incorporate it in a way that it is right there for me to call on as needed whenever I like. Now to give mySelf a bit of credit, I do that frequently with interpersonal dynamics and in with my work. I just have been remiss in applying that to what I learn about mySelf. It seems I have to keep relearning over and over again the same things when it comes to mySelf. That is what I want to change though this blog.

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