I dreamed of hope and hopelessness last night. I dreamed about our assassinated dreamers. I dreamed of being in a band and the bass drum kept getting painted with the dreams of the dreamers. I dreamed that I was not stuck in time and that I went back and forth with the dreamers through the drum paintings. I dreamed I was part of a community of people that was working to keep the dream and the dreamers alive and well through music and art. It was a good dream and I woke up slowly so that I could remember it and I did remember fragments of it and I need to be even gentler with my in between time. That time between sleep and waking and move slowly yet move to my laptop to capture the dreams while I am still in that state. I will try to practice that tomorrow.

I stepped on something yesterday and cut my foot. (one of the hazards of walking barefoot up here in paradise) The foot is interesting because you can cut it up and it doesn’t bleed as much as the rest of the body, which means that you have to care for it even more or this weird puss and infection can take hold. Yet, taking care of the bottom of your foot isn’t easy to see what is going on down there and I need help and feel a bit silly getting help to take care of a little owie and yet if I don’t I know it can get bad so there you go. Add a little help and voila a cleaned up owie with nice bandaids on it. That is an example of a world of hope I think. In a world of hopelessness I wouldn’t care about my foot and no one else would either. Maybe my foot would heal all on its own and maybe it wouldn’t, if it didn’t it would get infected and all sorts of hopeless and horrible things could happen out of that one little cut. I am thinking that hope and hopelessness are states of consciousness and are choices. I choose whether to live in a universe that has hope in it or I choose to live in one that doesn’t in every moment of my day. I choose other states as well that are closely related to hope, like love, faith, compassion, trust, willingness, and beauty. These are all choices I make every day, every moment or I make a choice somewhere between that state and it’s opposite. Why not choose the full expression of that state? Rather then some weak form of it?

Oh well off to breakfast, I hope there are some nice ripe blueberries to put on my cereal this morning.

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