Rain, Stew and Writing

Well here I am on my third rainy day in a row, sitting by the view as the wind blows and the temperature cools down again. Karen is sitting to my left writing in her journal and Mom is at her chair by the window smoking a cigarette, sipping her morning coffee and looking out at the view. Is she thinking about her day or her life? Is she just hanging with the view? Only she knows and only she will either be content with it or lost in it. It certainly isn’t a bad view to just sink into and I confess to doing it at least once daily.

I don’t really know what I want to write about and I am mainly writing because I said I would. My inclination is more towards just staring out at the view and sinking in. I got a start on some rough draft writing yesterday and made a delicious beef stew that is really perfect for this weather. The writing wasn’t as good as the stew, but then I am more experienced at stew then I am at writing. I know how to savor, taste and add to a stew so that the flavors come out just right. I am not as skilled at savoring, tasting and adding and subtracting with writing. I tend to want to just write and move on, like the writing is done. It would be like putting the veggies in the water and stopping there. It would end up tasting quite bland. So I have to learn to tweak my writing and add spice and take out the big bones that get in the way

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