Two Dreams and A Bear

A little bit smaller   A lot blacker   A whole lot cuter

A little bit smaller
A lot blacker
A whole lot cuter

In the first dream I am walking along a highway and see a lot of cars parked alongside the highway up against a big field. I know that this is a rodeo. I don’t go into the rodeo and keep walking along the highway and as I go over a slight rise I see before me these lumps on the highway and as I get closer I see that they are dead horses and dead people. It is a path of destruction going on down the highway. I see some people beside the highway and I go and ask them what had happened and they said that an out of control semi truck came barreling down the highway just as the rodeo was letting out when there were lots of people and horses crossing the road and whump.

The second dream had two parts:

In the first part I was a student chef and the master chef was in some sort of competition and he gave me two things to prep for him. I had to warm some cheese up to just the right temperature and consistency and I had to sear some pieces of meat so that they were brown and crispy on the outside and rare on the inside. I went off and did these two things with confidence and came back and the chef smiled satisfyingly to me, and I stood proud and at attention as his competitor came in to the beautiful kitchen and smelled the savory fragrances that I had just created.

In the second part of the dream the man who was previously the master chef was now a ski master and I was in some sort of van with him and some others and I was looking at a pair of ski pants that I had made and I wasn’t happy with all of the bling that was on the ski pants. He asked me why I made it that way and I said something about pleasing a woman who I liked and that I wasn’t at all happy about the result. He said that I needed to create to my own tastes first always, or something like that. I smiled with agreement and understanding and then ripped out the bling. As we continued up the mountain and he was getting excited about the dangerous slopes we were going to ski down I got frightened and said that I am not much of a hot dog skiier and I am more of a graceful balletic skiier. He smiled and said something about always needing to expand what I know into what I fear and to use what I know to expand into what I fear. In the dream he wa

(I just looked up from my writing and saw a juvenile bear right outside my window. He was smelling and nibbling his way right towards our cabin, he came to within 3 feet of the window that we were looking at. I think he was drawn by the Kater – Nakai music that was playing on the laptop as we were writing. It was very cool as we watched he just meandered along and at one point looked right at Karen through her window and then as he went around the corner of the cabin Karen got up to close the door so he couldn’t come in, for all of our saftey, and he scooted down the hill like a shot and disappeared.)

Back to the dream I was about to explain that the ski master never spoke like I am writing he did but that these were the messages he delivered none the less. He spoke much more simply and said much less, with twice the feeling.

What does it all mean? How is it weaving with my daytime dreams and what is the bear here to teach me at this particular time?

There are slopes I am about to ski that feel scary to me and I sometimes feel like I am supposed to put on clothes that someone else likes much more then I do that don’t feel natural to me to wear. I think that the weave is telling me that I am pleasing my I Am with what I am cooking up and that I need to have less fear and more certainty with my taking off into new territories. Use my gifts and open mySelf to new ways to go.

Boy I wish I had a picture of that bear. It just goes to show, keep a camera close cause you just never know.

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