Karen’s Leaving Today :-(

I Love You

I Love You

Today Karen leaves the island to head back to San Rafael and Dillon Beach and we will be apart for 2 weeks or so. Even though she is sitting across from me right now, writing in her journal and sipping her tea, I am all ready starting to miss her. I want to miss her plane and have her stay up here with me forever and have winter never come and have the perfect weather for swimming and stay in our little cabin and travel around by boat for the rest of our days. Alas it is not to be, She’s the president and this economy sucks and she has to get back and steer the ship of CTI though these ice berg infested waters and continue to navigate with brilliance this ship to the port of success and transformation. So I will take her to the airport today and wave goodbye and call her most every day there after until I too am returned to our place on the beach. I will do my best to be the wind beneath her wings and the lookout on the ship, watching out for those ice bergs from where ever I am. But most of all I will miss her up here smiling, talking to Mom, working on her puzzle, dipping in the morning, doing the dishes after I cook, laughing, crying and loving. It is very good to be walking through life with The One who you are meant to be walking with in this life. I know that walk will happen side by side or across continents and oceans, it is just a walk that will go on until one of us kicks the bucket sometime in this century and then the other will still walk with the memory of that love till they kick their own bucket. I know all of this and yet I will still miss her in the next couple of weeks.

In this next week when I am up here with my Mom I want to devote even more time to my writing on my book and especially my character in the book as I rough out the possibilities for me meeting with David when I return in August. He has tasked me to write 10 hours on my “shitty first draft” and I have only written an hour so I have 9 more hours to go and 6 days up here and 6 days crossing the country. So if I put in an hour to an hour and a half up here that will leave me 2-4 hours left to write while on the road. I can do it if I wrap my intention around it and stop avoiding it as I have been doing for the last 3 weeks.

Other Accountability – 1/3 has been mediocre. I don’t think I have gotten any bigger as my clothes all fit the same, but I do feel fatter. I think I feel that way because my consciousness around eating and taking my time with the food and following it has been spotty and has been replaced with conversation with my Mom and whoever has been with us at dinner. I have also started some unconscious habits that have led to this mediocre rating, like having some cookies and milk before I go to bed and grazing on some chips and other snacky things during the day. I am going to tighten down a bit on these things and look into why I am reverting to some of these habits while I am up in this place I love with my Mom.

2/3s – Has been mostly non-existant, except for a couple of returns from town runs where I, sherpa like, sweated my way from the dock to the cabin with 4 or 5 loads of supplies brought up from the dock, or where I ran around town gathering the supplies at all the various stores we go to in order to stock up. I have only gotten in 2 swims (other then dips) which is way off what my dream was. My dream was to swim every day and that just hasn’t been able to happen as the weather has been SO damn cold and rainy and the water temperature has hardly ever gotten into the mid 60s which is COLD. So maybe in the next week things will improve but it isn’t looking good.

Well it’s off to the airport with Karen now see you all in a day or two.

2 responses to “Karen’s Leaving Today :-(

  1. Hello dear one:

    I hope this note is waiting for you next time you post. I’m missing you and our magical little cabin in the trees. . .and it is good to be back to our everyday life too! Me, the house, CTI and Northern CA are all here waiting for your return.

    Wishing fun and sun for you this coming week or at least pretty thunderstorms.



  2. Henry,

    I know you are missing Karen but can you imagine how happy we are that she is here–that she is back. Whew! I’m glad that she’s “the one” for you. I’m reasonably sure that she feels the same about you!


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