Happy Birthday Karen



Karen, Karen, Karen is on my mind, in my heart and filling my spirit. This amazing heart collector whose own heart is constantly being shattered with the people she has to disappoint, piss off, say no to, lay off, reduce, retrain, restrain, and love, adore, admire, feel gratitude for, acknowledge, and be blown away by. This Golden Elk who stands proudly on the hill with the golden light of the sun lightening her up as she faces what will come with such incredible power and grace. This martial arts master who steps in the middle of a rondorri, a circle of attackers forming all around her and dances the dance that has them all down or allies by the end of the skirmish. This Earth Mother who opens her arms up and embraces as much as she possibly can and then stretches so that she can open up and embrace even more, assuring her world that there will be nothing or noone that will be left unembraced. This hero going into a world of giants with her sling shot, scared to death, knowing that she will take them down one by one. This frightened little girl who comes home with a heart that is bleeding from being scratched and stretched and is needing to cry and rest and heal, so that she can leave the hero again the next day. My consciousness has been focused on this Karen for the last few days especially as we celebrate her birthday week in soft and easy ways and watch, awestruck, as she runs through the obstacle course that being the president of a business in this economy is these days. Wow!

So lift your cups and glasses in a toast to this amazing human being. Fill the world with hoozahs, prayers, dreams, and celebrations for the continued success, power and glory of this beloved of mine and so many others.

Happy Birthday Karen

5 responses to “Happy Birthday Karen

  1. Wow – goose bumps and chills up and down my body…that is beautiful, inspirational, and so very, very true. It feels like the weather right now on right now. Chappaquidick – sultry, gusts of strong winds, and gentle breezes in between cameos of the blazing sun. Happy Birthday dear Karen indeed!

  2. Here Here!

    Beautifully said, Henry. Thank God we have a Karen in this world. (and a you for that matter)
    A lovely tribute to your fierce beauty. Can never be said enough. And hopefully really heard, Karen!

  3. I am lifting up a prayer of thanks for Karen right now – what a blessing the CTI community is! Thank you for standing in your magnificence and leading it Karen!

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