2/3s – Bringing home the Groceries

See this movie to learn about Quests.

See this movie to learn about Quests.

The concept was right but the execution may have been a bit over the top. Yesterday Karen and I did an excellently conceived 2/3s activity. It started out when we went to the movies in Sebastopol and saw the wonderful, delightful, and inspiring film “Julie and Julia”. We parked our car in the theatre parking lot and rushed in to grab our popcorn and soda and sat down to sink into the movie. We were thrilled to see both a Leader Quest taking shape in the form of Julia Child’s journey and to see a personal quest taking shape in the form of Julie’s project. Both of them powerful and transforming quests for the quest takers and one involved Leadership and one didn’t. This is to take nothing away from the quest that didn’t involve leadership, because it was certainly inspiring and it eventually led to the making of this movie, it just didn’t involve answering the call to what was needed in the world, it was much more focused on what was needed in the self to make it happy. Whereas Julia’s quest answered both calls, which made it a Leader’s quest.

Our Destination 2 miles away.

Our Destination 2 miles away.

Well anyway back to 2/3s. We left the theatre and decided to walk up to our favorite produce market to do our grocery shopping, Andy’s market. Andy’s is about 2 miles from the movie theatre, so it was an ambitious weekend thought.
We filled our bags and got ready to walk back.

We filled our bags and got ready to walk back.

We grabbed our shopping bags and headed off through Sebastopol, found our way to a wonderful walking/biking trail that follows an old railway track and eventually takes us right up to Andy’s. We get to Andy’s and shop around having a great time, get to the checkout with our groceries (including a small watermelon) and now have to make the decision, do we split the bags and walk back the two miles with the bags? Do we stash the bags at Andy’s somewhere and come back for them? Does someone, probably me as I am “more tired”, stay behind with the groceries while the other, probably Karen as she works out more consistently and she is in better shape, goes back alone and gets the car? We shift the groceries around in the bags and discover that we can balance the loads pretty well and that they aren’t overly heavy and decide to just go for it. Because Karen wanted the watermelon she carried the heavier bags first, also because I was complaining a bit about the pang in my knee that kept coming and going. We got about a third of the way and switched bags.
One reason we were so successful is the beautiful walking trail we were able to walk.

One reason we were so successful is the beautiful walking trail we were able to walk.

We were doing great, the feet were getting a bit tired and sore but things were grand. As we got a couple of blocks away from the car and were about to pass Whole Foods, where we had to pick up a couple of items not available at Andy’s we had another big decision to make. The movie theatre is a couple blocks beyond Whole Foods, what do we do? By this point we had been through the entire hero’s journey on this trek and we were ready to share the victory, so we decided that we would both walk to the car with our bags and hum the Rocky theme song while we did it. We reached the car with our groceries intact and high fived it before putting them in the car. We poured our bodies into the awaiting seats and drove the 2 blocks to the car and groaned as we had to get back out and walk into the store again. We walked around Whole Foods picking up the remaining groceries and like exhausted yet victorious warriors poured ourselves home and into the hot tub.

The whole idea of 2/3s is to do activities that one would normally do in the day to day of life and extend them so that the body would move more. This was a terrific example of 2/3s and, though it was a bit too long for my more out of shape body would be a great goal to hold for practice purposes. We passed some people out for their fitness walks, dog walks, biking and skateboarding, yet no one was carrying or pulling their groceries behind them in a cart. I think about all of the times I would walk through the streets of New York, London, or Paris and see people carrying all sorts of things on their way to someplace or from someplace. I think about how when I get away from those cities and neighborhoods I just don’t walk purposely from one place to another and get something and walk back with it. It’s all in the car. This isn’t new thinking at all or original it is just true. The whole idea behind 2/3s is to get some of that moving of my body to and fro with purpose and to get something or somewhere. Where I live I must depend completely on a car to get to anything or anywhere, which has it’s own challenges, however I really want to start practicing parking that car even further away from my destinations and plan on adding 15 minutes to 1/2 hour to get to and fro. Now that’s 2/3s!

One response to “2/3s – Bringing home the Groceries

  1. Yes, unless you are a farmer, working the land, the irony is that if you live in the countryside, you don’t actually get as much exericise as when you live in a big city. I found that anyway – growing up in Nova Scotia – we drove everywhere. Living now in London, I haven’t driven for about 15 years.

    And that’s a good/helpful description of the difference between a leadership quest and personal quest.

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