Julie and Julia

Two things stick with me after an incredible birthday weekend with Karen. The first is the wonderful, gentle, fun, spontaneous, easy, and sexy time we had, while laughing, talking deeply, arguing, talking shallowly, and in silence.

The Last Recipe   and   Getting The Yes

The Last Recipe and Getting The Yes

The second is how that movie “Julie and Julia” is sticking with me. You know how most movies are sort of like a house salad, you eat it and have almost forgotten it by the time you put your fork down. Then there are other movies that are like a unique sensation of food in your mouth that you either won’t forget or that you will at least remember for quite awhile, it sticks with you and works you long after you have left the theatre. This mostly happens with serious and heavy movies and it is rare indeed that a movie as light and fun as this movie is sticks with you. For many of you readers out there this movie might not stick for some reason or other and movies that stick with you would be like that salad to me. It probably has to do with what is important to me at the time and that it hits on themes and values that are working me currently. I know that this is true for this movie. Both main characters love to cook and love food. Both characters deeply desire to break out of any boxes that they or society have put them in and are willing to break rules and make rules to make that possible. Both characters seem to find quests that stimulate them and provide them with clear intention and direction. One of the characters holds herself accountable with a blog and uses the blog and the commitment that she makes to break free and to know herself better. The other character finds her passion and wants to communicate that passion to the world and to awaken those, especially the gastronomically challenged Americans, who need to wake up to all of the richness of life and food. Geeze no wonder the movie sticks with me, I am Julie and Julia.

The Julie in me is telling me to hold mySelf accountable to my program here. This is a bit tricky this weekend as we were going for all the things mentioned in the first paragraph we broke up the eating patterns. I am aware that I never once went past a 3 on my 1-5 scale of fullness. I am also aware that I shared a meal at a restaurant with Karen and that we sat down to eat all but 2 of our meals. We also had a dinner of finger foods last night that stretched over 2 and a half hours and we still consumed no more food then if we had sat down to a meal and eaten it in a half hour. Over the course of the last 5 days I would give mySelf a 7.5 out of 10 on 1/3 Moderation and Restraint. As regards the 2/3s, I already wrote about our over the top 2/3s activity on Saturday, inspiring and repeatable in a more scaled down way. I moved more in general over the past 5 days and I have a ways to go with that. I also look forward to starting up swimming again after Labor Day when the pool goes back to it’s regular schedule. So I would give mySelf a 9 out of 10 (It doesn’t get a 10 because I didn’t moderate it well) for Saturday and a 6 for 10 for the other days. I look forward to raising those scores next week.

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