Thanks, and More

5168307_blogWow, thanks to all my supportive readers for your comments, support and butt kicking after yesterday’s post. Mar, thanks for the reminder that there is no separation and that it is all there in me, basement and all. You are such a stand for that. Thanks for “hearing me” Sharon and for kicking me in the ass Leann. Thanks for seeing the “gap” and the “paradox” Beth and for listening Sheila. And thanks for the perspective Kathy and the recognition Judith, that we are all going through “this” all the time.

Yesterday after I wrote this Karen read it, as she is wont to do, and that stimulated some lively conversation. This conversation moved all around the world of the mind, the spirit and the emotions and ended up in the question, that is founded in the paradox that Beth mentions in her post; I am creating the universe and the universe is creating me in every moment. Behind that question, or on top of that question is something like; If I am creating the universe why am I creating all the crap in the basement, not to mention in the world? If the Universe is creating me, why is it creating all the crap in the basement, not to mention the world? If we are in a dance together to create this moment, why are we dancing into creation pain and suffering as well as beauty and joy? The obvious answer in a dualistic or even paradoxical world is that the contrast is needed to create the experience, or something like that. In a non-dualistic world, a world where everything is included and part of the whole in some way, then I guess it’s all the same stuff, there is no distinction between crap and beauty, it just all is. Both of these worlds are preferable to a black or white world where there are sides to choose. Where it’s either evil or good, crap or beauty, a world where I find myself on a fence straddling almost losing my balance and falling into either hopelessness and despair or intention and power. Brian Swimme had it right when he identified 3 universal powers:

Communion – We are all one, non-dual, everything in the universe is made up of the stuff of that first exploding particle that burst forth from the void.

Differentiation – Every particle is separate and distinct from every other particle. The stuff that exploded out of that singularity became many different things.

Subjectivity – Every particle is unique and generates it’s own light. In every thing there is an identity and radiance that distinguishes it from everything else and that radiance is made up of that stuff we all share.

These principals when working together seem to explain most everything. When out of balance seem to explain the problems we often face. They certainly help me to understand my dilemma. I have been pulled, or lept, into a Differentiation dominated paradigm, and in that paradigm I feel less unique and less connected. To pull mySelf back into balance I need to feel into the amazing being that I am and tune into how it is all part of the unfolding Sacred Dream of Life. As I pull all those pieces of clothing on I become the awake and alive human that I am while at the same time know that I am both respondable to and responsible for the Universe.

So thanks to all the wonderful women out there who tune in to listen to what I have to say. Thanks to all the men too, I just don’t hear from you as often.

2 responses to “Thanks, and More

  1. Hi Henry,

    I’m thinking that leading retreat 2 this week is divine intervention. Creating from other! You are not alone on this path. LEAN IN!


  2. Hey Henry,

    It’s great to be reading your blog again. The thing that comes to me right away is that you are such a big man — in spirit, mind, body, creativity and presence — that you really can hold it all and be with it all. Speaking for myself, you don’t have to hold it all together or smile through the pain or pretend things are different than they are. Truly — just being around you reminds me of all the possibilities there are and how creative we can be about being with what is. Thanks for sharing yourSelf.

    Have a blast with your beloved co-leading that lucky tribe.

    I love you lots!


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