Off To R2

Well here I am up in Guerneville about to lead an R2 of the Water Dragons, only this time my beloved has stepped in to co-lead with me, as Mary B. the other Water Dragon co-leader’s son is getting married this week. So Karen gets to face the daunting task of stepping in front of a group she doesn’t know and being loved and brilliant and I get to face the grand task of introducing her to these great people. It will be an interesting and exciting twist to an amazing retreat. The other interesting part is that we are training our boy genius of a marketing-sales-whats-next-idea guy Paul Byrne on how to lead this so that he can help us understand it and apply some of his genius to design of new stuff. And to top of all of that, like a cherry on the top of a great desert are these 24 Water Dragons, who are hungry for transformation and leaping in and mixing it up all over the place as they discover and uncover their Leadership.

The spiritual dilemma still swirls and bubbles down below and the awareness of this program and the accountability is also there and ready to be brought to the fore again, as I head up to an environment that used to be difficult for my focus and now seems like the easy place. I seem to get more exercise naturally with the various activities we do and although the food is plentiful it is fairly easy to practice restraint and moderation with it. However I will put an account or two in here just to keep me honest.

So I am off to create transformation, and if it goes as it often does that transformation will go in all directions, including mine. I intend to come home from this retreat transformed and pointing mySelf towards something more certain and clear.

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