Creativity and Transformation

518198_blogIt’s a densely grey and foggy day here at Dillon Beach. Almost a primordial feel of ooze in the air, as we prepare for a design retreat with Karen, Paul Byrne and mySelf. We are going to put our heads together and see what kind of new stuff we can cook up for this world, just like all those microbial critters did in their primordial ooze millions of years ago. There is a feeling of anticipation in me always of the creative conversation possibilities, right before an event like this. There is also the dread of knocking heads for three days and coming up with nothing. Both truths live inside, and both will be very full and true moments at different times in this gathering and I have to have as much patience with the moments of dread as I have to have with the buzz of anticipation. I have to step into that wise, deep and patient self as I circle around the dream that we are dreaming up.

So those of you faithful and true readers out there and those of you who may have stumbled across this in your journey around the internet, please send some creative juju and more importantly send powerful thoughts of me staying conscious and connected to that wise one. You know I will, I know I can, now I just need to move to; I know I will.

We will put up the flip charts and pull out the markers and fill up the windows and walls with sticky paper and ideas and designs. On friday we will have something to show for our toils.

On Saturday I will be taking off for two weeks in New Mexico, to meet up with my teachers and my Black Lodge buddies to address “The Mastery of Transformation”. This is the final “Mastery” of the four that we have been studying. First was the “Mastery of Awareness”, then the “Mastery of Intention”, followed by “The Mastery of Dreaming”, and now finally “The Mastery of Transformation”. It has been quite the journey and it feels fitting that the final lodge we will enter will be all about Transformation, as I have been devoting my life to transformation for as long as I can remember. As I think about it now, even in my childhood and youth when all of my focus was on acting and theatre, one of the most powerful of human transformation vehicles, I was most called to how it changed me and changed the world around me. Transformation and change is the only constant. Evolution is based on it. Life is maintained by it. Something is transforming in this instant to keep my blood filled with oxygen and emptying the CO2, something is transforming in me as my bowl of cereal and my cup of tea make their way through me and are turned into energy for my body. To be able to create more mastery around this vital energy is a fitting and exciting way to conclude this 3 years of study that I have been engaged in out there in the desert.

I may be able to fit one or two more posts in before I am incommunicado for a couple of weeks and I may not, it will depend on this design retreat. Bon Voyage to mySelf and to all of you.

5 responses to “Creativity and Transformation

    • Thanks for the question Maggie,

      I use the capital “S” in mySelf when I am referring to the integrated self where I am honoring and aware of the mental, spiritual, physical, and emotional realms of this self that I am. I use the lower case “s” when I am referring to my disconnected or unintegrated selves, my small self.

  1. I am hearing “Powerful intention combined with letting go of…”. Regardless of what’s coming out in the retreat, you know and we all know that the transformation is already happening all over the place as results of your great work. I also trust that your brilliance and creative cell will flourish in the land full of love, connection and powerful intentions. Enjoy the creative process.

    Jing with love and sufficiency

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