Getting Conscious in New York

NY-Skyline-new-york-1138029_495_377Here I am in New York, about to go into a conference of Leaders who have all been trained in coaching and leadership programs that I have designed and many of whom have studied with me. I am feeling a bit nervous, and unprepared and I have an old familiar queazy feeling in my stomach of stage fright that I haven’t had for quite awhile. I don’t feel stage fright when I am working with a co-leader. I just feel excited and maybe a bit “gunny”. I know that these feelings are habitual feelings and have nothing to do with who I really am and what I am capable of.

I am in the midst of deep consciousness work both in mySelf and fostering it in others. This work is the core of all that we are doing in the other work we are doing. It is our REAL work. How do we develop more and deeper consciousness and awareness of all aspects of our lives and lead others to do the same. It is the only way we can truly take responsibility for our world and then contribute in some way to clean up this world that our unconsciousness has made such a mess of. It is a stand of mine and I intend to make it a stand of humanity that WE GET CONSCIOUS. We develop our abilities to read our own energy and spirit and then we develop our abilities to be able to get our attention off of ourselves and to truly see the energies and the realities that exist over there in the other person or country or culture. We need to learn to meet and merge with another energy and not dominate it or fall victim to it. We need to know that Authenticity has nothing to do with ego and that intimacy has nothing to do with sex. We need to know that until we can meet each other and truly see each other, and not our projections, we can’t work with each other much less create from each other. We need to learn what it is we project on each other and what it is we carry in ourselves that we think is TRUTH that may be just another habit that we use to prevent ourselves from being present.

I don’t have much opinion here or conviction, uh huh. I am beginning to realize that all my conversations with people need to be about this in some form or another. However I need to meet and merge with the energy FIRST. Otherwise I am just another silly evangelist and can be written off as another “spiritual” guy that is running his number on and on. There have been so many great “spiritual” guys that have said all of this and much more before, and yet here we are still unconsciously crapping things up all the time. We have to break this way we have of being human. So I keep going in being curious about what is there and then I work at moving the conversation to sharpening the consciousness and awareness and then do my best to convince whoever is in that room to go out and do the same.

4 responses to “Getting Conscious in New York

  1. My random thoughts about the ideas in this post in general:

    If it were only so easy as to make everyone, or talk everyone into become fully conscious. Almost an oxymoron? I think some other “spiritual” leaders who took this path of “telling/convincing/etc”…were the less successful ones. They may have built empires of followers….but were they (leaders and followers) REALLY stepping into and living conscious?

    I believe it’s been the leaders who LIVE consciouness (more then preach it) who have made a difference…

    Invite…by example…dance and play….feed the vibe of consciousnes itself with our own behavior. AND, the souls who are prepared to (and meant to)step into consciouness with us…..will.

    There is a plan….and we DO have free will…we are all here in this lifetime learning our Soul’s lessons. Trust.

    Much Love & Laughter to you,

  2. I’m feeling the thrill of being more conscious after the weekend of music, connection, and learning in New York CIty. Fascinated with the world around me and the way I interpret it.

    I experience a grounded lightness when I’m in this place. Opportunities appear out of nowhere. When I start to worry or fret, I notice myself getting sort of fascinated by it and then… it shifts. Makes me want to laugh.

    I notice that I am less afraid to contribute to my world – to be seen and heard for the sake of love – when I realize that “they” are not “they” at all – but rather a part of “me” and “we.” It’s like a big safe dream-like ride.

    Trippy… and wonderful.

    Thank you for your part in it.

    megan jo wilson

  3. Hello, Could you please let me know where you got that amazing image/painting for the top of this page on getting conscious in New York? I also very much enjoyed your piece.


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