Doing and Being of Leadership

Pointing the Conversation

Pointing the Conversation

What a wild and wonderful ride of consciousness and awareness the last few days have been. Here I am in a Best Western motel in Bat Cave North Carolina getting ready to go lead a Retreat 1 of a Leadership Program, just having come from a 3 day weekend conference in New York City (or in this context you might say Gotham) with 65 or so graduates of that same program who are powerfully looking into their Leadership in the world. I turn on the TV and Barack Obama is getting the Nobel Peace Prize for his leadership and at the same time there are people who seem to question that he “did” anything to deserve this prize. On the one hand I have a room full of leaders caught in the dilemma of the being and the doing of leadership and at the same time the nation a bit caught in that same dilemma with the president. The fascinating thing to me is that I just don’t see the dilemma. I see it as the same thing. I see them as inseparable. They, the being and the doing, must live together in the same moment. Almost like there is no being a leader with out the doing and there is no doing of leadership without the being. Obama pointed and continues to point the conversation of sharing the responsibility with everyone on the planet to work together to create a world where we can all live together in harmony. “Pointing” anything is leadership that is both being and doing. The being of it is that it lives like a stake that is unmovable and a context that becomes part of every exhale of the breath, there is never a moment of not pointing so that it becomes something you be. The doing of it is that every speech you make, every conversation you have, every action you take, and every thought that you think is about pointing that conversation. I am not sure how those two things get separated. How do people on the one side think that if I am not investing sweat and blood and sacrifice I am not doing? And how do people think that by simply “intending”, wishing, attracting and basically sitting on my butt and watching the world go by I am doing all that is needed of me, but god forgive me if I work hard and have moments that aren’t fun or even a little uncomfortable as I sweat my way to a world that works? We just can’t “do” our way to a leadership that works and we just can’t “be” our way to a leadership that works. We need to Lead our way to leadership that works and that means filling every moment of our lives with a consciousness of doing and being in the same breath.

What a great conference was put on by Danielle White and her amazing team. Leadership graduates came from all over the world to connect, learn and lead with each other. Deep questions were looked into and serious fun was had by all. Thanks Danielle and team.

The great opportunity for me was to sink more into my grandfather/elder self then I ever had before. I had two times where I was up in front doing something. The first was doing a teaching piece on a system that we have put together to “type the space or the Level 3”. It went very well and it seems like most everyone found some learning, including some who have worked with this system before. I was aware of mySelf being in the teacher role here, and yet I was different, I wasn’t in a hurry and had a great deal more patience with the space and the energies that were flying around as we dove in to this relatively complex work. So turtle medicine was present. The second thing I did was to give a “keynote” on the second day. I had decided to just do what Ekhart Tolle does and breathe and wait for the words to come to me and see what the moment delivers. I was nervous to be doing this and at the same time I knew it was what was next for me. Trust mySelf and the Space to come up with what was needed. I sank in and let mySelf speak what ever was there about consciousnes, transformation and anything else that wanted to be spoken. I was able to stay connected to all the beautiful faces that were out in the audience looking at me and to notice that most seemed to me alive and interested and that some were falling asleep and that some were some were in the middle somewhere. It didn’t matter though where they were individually, I had no need to codependently take care of anyone or make sure everyone was completely engaged or entertained, I really felt for the first time, deep inside me, that it was their responsibility to be engaged, not mine.

7 responses to “Doing and Being of Leadership

  1. Henry, your transparency is so attractive. I am blessed to be in the same world with you. Thank you. Deeply. with much gratitude….m

  2. Hello Diamond Bear:

    Loved reading your post this morning and loving where YOU are pointing the conversation these days. I’m off to do-be-do-be-do-be-do!

    I love you!

  3. This weekend, I spent the weekend in retreat with my dreams group and our facilitator Madeline O’Callaghan(a very wise elder indeed – a former nun and student of Jeremy Taylor) shared with us her thoughts on Barak Obama and the discussions around whether he deserved the prize on not. She felt that the panel was responding to the archetypal quality that Barak has – as a true symbol of reconciliation and peace that he represents in his being. (Whether or not, the office of President will allow him to fully ‘do’ what his wishes or is capable for in terms of peace in the world is another story.)

  4. Gosh I just love being privy to your evolution. It has such a lovely impact on my soul, certain others are receiving the same benefit. Beautiful post, beautiful you. – Kathy

  5. As you describe your “keynote” experience…I feel a big AAAAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. A feeling of divine flow. Perfect, in every way…as intended by the big ole’ universe and delivered BY and THROUGH you.

    Magnificent! 🙂

    And like Kathy noted…..what an honor to be witnessing your evolution indeed.

    Love & Laughter to you in the connection of Being and Doing,

  6. Wow-Henry, brilliant. I love it. In the last few weeks, i have been struggling/looking at doing vs being…noticing how ‘forcing’ isn’t helping to move me forward, etc. Then things happen (like my computer dying and not having it for a week)…and i have to learn how to BE…and learn how to be ok with me just BEING, because now my worth comes into question because i’m not DOING. I was then blessed with the reminder…when meeting with a woman who saw me speak at an event for 15 mins…and she described the impact…which reminded me that I WAS A BEAUTY TYPE!!! I had totally forgotten – so I was able to claim that piece again and now your article just helped bring it all together for me. THANK YOU so much! So grateful to be connected…gotta love Facebook!
    Huge hugs of love from Toronto,

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