They are the Cheerful Truthseekers

They are the Cheerful Truthseekers

My heart is full of possibilities for the Chickedee tribe. We just finished day one of R1 and are headed into day 2. They are hungry, excited and eager to see what is around the next corner. I am hungry, excited and eager to take them there.

What a life I get to live. I get to take this amazing integrated Self that I am and create as many opportunities as possible to put mySelf in front of people and buff up their consciousness and point them towards transformation that may just move the world that much closer to being a place where we humans take responsibility for all that is around us in a profound and powerful way. A world where nothing is more important then moving consciously and responsibly through this life we get a chance to live.

I am tired this morning and it is going to rain and I am going to be out side in that rain. I could take those two facts and start my day out dragging my feet and stepping reluctantly into my life, not. Or I could just get what a lucky sod I am to be alive living in this moment and blink back the tired, while I feel my body waking up and prepare to enjoy the rain on my face while I hold the space for transformation to happen all around me. I think I will choose option B.

I am aware that I haven’t been talking much about my body program recently and I know that I will be getting back on it more completely when I return home in a week. I am restraining mySelf at the table though and eating very healthfully. I am not practicing 1/3 right now and paying more attention to taking smaller portions then I am to eating less of what is on my plate. I will be getting some good walking and moving around energy in the next few days here in North
Carolina and intend to start swimming again when I return to CA.

That’s it for today folks. Thank you all who read and comment I feel you out there and love that you are.

4 responses to “Chickadee’s

  1. One of those chickadees is mine — Char. My brilliant client and friend.

    Bursting with excitement that she gets to be at R1 with you and knowing what is in store for her and her new tribe.

    Cheerful truthseeker indeed!

    Ho to all!

    a mom anyday now carol

  2. I thought to myself, what is the power of a little chickadee? Now I know they are the cheerful truthseekers! You are helping me to understand that each creature/person has their own unique power and place in the world. Fly far and wide Chickadees!

  3. The retreat was amazing. (R1 NC Oct 13, 2009)

    I am still percolating with every human mood and emotion in the wake of this experience. Powerful stuff.

    Henry, it must have been hard for small portions as the food was DELICIOUS.

    Good luck with the health bit. It’s a annoying but one can also say it is a reminder of how alive we are!

    And I am lucky to be alive with you.

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