Karen’s off to Black Lodge

Have a great and powerful time my love.

Have a great and powerful time my love.

Well, here I am on a glorious sunny day on the coast of California, wisps of cloud floating in lovely light blue sky and just a tad of fog and haze obscuring the horizon, so that it isn’t quite clear where ocean ends and sky begins.

I am home for awhile, it has felt like I have been out and about, being transformed and participating in the transforming of others, slipping in and out of my grandfather energy, and changing from one vehicle to another as I hop around this world of ours. I have sent my beloved partner Karen off into the wilds of New Mexico to begin the journey that I have been taking for the last 2 years with the Black Lodge training. Now I get to experience what she has been experiencing while I have been gone, that sense of missing her for 2 weeks without being able to talk to her, because she is off the grid completely. Because I have been on this path, I get to have one thing she didn’t get to have, I get to sink back into what I learned and experienced as she explores and adventures into the energies I was experiencing and still am experiencing. I find that I am more conscious in some ways as she ventures forth, then I was when I was on the same, or similar, journey. I also get to be aware of how I can slip into projecting and assuming that our experiences will be the same and that they will be like mine was. Ah yes I am the center of the universe and everyone does experience things in exactly the same way I do, not! I need to breathe and hold open a wide range of possibilities for this woman I am crazy in love with to have her own experience and to be wildly curious about what that experience was, and NOT listen through the filter of what happened in my universe and assume she is having the same experience. She truly does live in her own universe and it is completely different from mine. When I can truly, and I mean deeply truly, get that, man o man does this multiverse that we all live in open up. If I can live in every moment with the awareness of the universe of me standing beside the universe of Karen and not mix them all up and stay curious, then I can truly live in that wonderful elder energy. That energy that has complete patience with everyone and anyone and is curious about their world, not feeling right about mine, just certain of it. At that point I can truly feel into another and see the shining and unique diamond of consciousness that they are without the filters of either myself or their mask of ego or crappy old limiting story, I can look into the truth of who they are without the trimmings, or to be even more accurate, I can see both the trimmings and the truth of who they are and realize that it is completely separate from the truth of who I Am. Then the really cool part comes in, that this soul I am seeing free and clear of crap and mySelf really are all part of the same energy, in fact are made of the same stuff and filled with the same light and love that fills all the universe.

So Karen’s journey is giving me quite the opportunity, now in this moment and in every moment hence.

Another stream of consciousness entry from Henry “Diamond Bear” Kimsey-House, as he blows a kiss to Karen “Golden Elk” Kimsey-House.

One response to “Karen’s off to Black Lodge

  1. Oh what a beautiful thing to read as the weekend begins. I am inspired… to stand in consciousness of both the oneness and total unique-ness of all things….

    This is joy. Pure and simple.

    Love, Light & Laughter…to Henry, Karen and to all who are walking along beside them in this journey of life.


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