The Bear and the Turtle

I changed the name of my Blog this morning to:

The Bear and the Turtle
Brightening Consciousness, Slowing Down, and Learning about Moderation and Movement

I will also be updating my “About This Blog” page in the next few days. I realize that I am still absolutely committed to the original intentions that I set and still will hold the practice of Moderation 1/3 2/3s. I will be on the program and slip off and write about it here. However I am so aware of wanting to write about other things and to watch how my consciousness develops in all parts of me. In fact that is what I have been doing, primarily, for the last 4 or 5 months primarily. Integrity and impeccability were starting to be challenged, as I wrote less and less about the stuff going on with my body and more and more about what was going on with my consciousness in my spirit, emotions and mind. My original intent was always to integrate all four parts of me. I feel I have been quite successful at that and I need to continue to be vigilant in that intention. I love mySelf more then I ever have, I am conscious of being more integrated then ever. Each area needs attention and focus. My body continues to be a size and shape that isn’t consistent with who I know I am, and yet I am more comfortable in my skin and with my body then I have ever been. My spirit is awakening and discovering all sorts of new things, and yet I still feel like an undisciplined seeker of spiritual wisdom and awareness. My emotions are finding ways to powerfully fuel and empower my actions, rather then stopping and spiraling me out of control, and yet there are subtle emotional realms that remain a mystery to me. My Heart-Mind is learning to slow down and breathe, to rest in the certainty and clarity of what it sees, knows and is in the question about, and yet I can still get caught in being right and stuck mentally.

So I am very grateful for this journey and very aware of the gaps I have to close. I am also aware of all the gaps that will continue to open up as I close the ones in front of me, this is a lifelong quest, not something I can check off the todo list at some point in the future.

Why the Bear and the Turtle?

The Bear in my vision is always standing.

The Bear in my vision is always standing.

Well the bear is so much of who I am. My medicine name is Diamond Bear. In the teachings that I am studying at the center of the model is the “diamond of human consciousness”. The four points of the diamond each hold parts of that consciousness. The Bear holds the energy of both nurturer and fierce protector. So as Diamond Bear I am the nurturer and protector of human consciousness. I brighten it. My purpose statement 30 years ago was and is “I wake people up to their aliveness and creativity”. When I got my medicine name I realized that something needed to be added so “I wake people up to their aliveness and creativity, and I point and protect human consciousness.” The Bear is in the House.

Ancient and not in a hurry.

Ancient and not in a hurry.

Turtle is where I feel like I am headed. Turtles are all about SLOW. They know that slow is fast. As I step more and more into my elder/grandfather energy I see turtle as an important ally. Turtle carries their home, their world with them wherever they go. When I am in my turtle energy I have strong boundaries and can relax and breathe into a kind of patient and trusting place that is not threatened in any way, a place that has plenty of room for other ideas and people to contribute their wisdom into the soup of consciousness.

The Bear and the Turtle is what this next period of time in this blog will be called. There is no hurry any more to get anything right or fix mySelf or anybody else, there is a need to maintain integrity and impeccability to the best of my ability. This is what these two marvelous totems bring out in me.

One response to “The Bear and the Turtle

  1. Hi Henry,

    Thank you for the gem, “Turtles are all about SLOW. They know that slow is fast.” It’s the KNOWING that is so clear in you now. I find it hard to accept ‘knowing’, even when it’s staring right in my face. Thanks to your reminders, I’m making the choice to be with the knowing instead of running away from it all together. Slow and steady wins the….(everyone can fill in the rest).

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