Meditation and Imagination


It's sorta like the bubbles in a lava lamp

I was doing a closed eye meditation out on my deck this morning and there was this wonderful psychedelic movement of patterns and colors on the screen behind my eyelids. I know you are all familiar with what I am talking about, at least those of you who have working eyes. The beautiful play of light and dark that is always moving and shifting and the patterns are always changing and colors are splitting off and disappearing only to be replaced by another color. As I sat there in awe, watching this inner fireworks display, one of those pesky thoughts came up, that often come up in a meditation. Most of the time I let them float on by and dissolve or change color, this one though stuck. It was a curiosity, a wondering, “Do blind people see these colors and patterns?” Because this thought stuck I started a whole thinking string that took me to imagination and the question “In a blind persons imaginary world are there images and visions? Are their imaginary worlds also without sight? Are the people and landscapes in their imagination and their dreams made up of sounds, touch, smell, taste, and all of the other senses, as they would be in their waking dream?” Then of course my mind went to other people without one of the senses that I possess, imagining and thinking similar thoughts. Then I started riffing on smell. What would an imaginary world be like with a smell dominated real world? How would music and color translate into smell?“ Oh boy you can see that my meditation was pretty shot now, so I took a deep cleansing breath, and another, and then one more, slowed it all down a bit. Returned to following the breath and seeing what I saw behind my eyelids, hearing what my ears were hearing, smelling what my nose was smelling, and feeling the coolness of the breeze on my skin on the front part of my body and the warmth of the sun on the skin on the back of body. I was filled with a kind of gratitude for all the sensations of life and I swam in that gratitude for a bit, my eyes opened and the meditation ended.

I came out with another realization that was huge for me but at the same time so obvious; Other peoples imaginary worlds are quite different from mine. In fact the way that you and I experience reality and imagination is in two different universes entirely. I had already had that realization around the reality that each of us humans experiencing being entirely different, but i hadn’t gotten that our imaginary worlds and our dream worlds are completely unique and different as well. Any assumptions I had about people seeing things either externally or internally the way I see them have been completely blown out of the water. Therefor what I have dedicated my life to, Brightening the Diamond of Human Consciousness, can only be done by me doing my absolute best to be completely curious about your universe, making no assumptions that there are any similarities with mine, AND to be impeccable in my translation and interpretation of what is going on in my universe so that you can understand, agree, disagree, enjoy, learn and teach. It just requires both of us opening our hearts even more to each other and being really curious about each others universes. Cool.


Blog – yes
Riff – yes
Meditation – yes
Food – 6-10
Movement – 7-10 (I went to the pool and after my errands only had 15 minutes left of lap swim time. I sat there in that ”should I go for it, or just bag it cause I can’t get the full swim in“ I went for it and put that voice aside. For which I have given mySelf a gazillion bonus points.
Pipe Dream – I set mySelf up for one and it hasn’t come yet. It will.

One response to “Meditation and Imagination

  1. I love your thought patterns here….watching the colorful swirly world inside of our eyelids is very fun, AND relaxing. And, sometimes I think letting the mind wander in wonder like that IS a form of mediation. I wont assume it’s the kind you prefer or were aiming for….yet it’s one none the less….for me.

    Do you ever wonder if sometimes your random wandering thoughts are actually (universal) guidance …..taking you somewhere that you soul is intended to visit…perhaps even for a specific reason that may not be evident to you in the moment?

    A delighful read as always…. 🙂
    Love & Laughter,

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