An Empty Pool


My view tomorrow morning I plunge into this and get the feel again after 25 years or so.

I lucked out. I got to the pool today to go swimming. The sun was out and the temperature was about 75 degrees, in other words it was glorious. As I turn the corner and head into the pool area I see there are only three people swimming, leaving 3 lanes completely open. This had never happened before and I went in to get my suit on and wet myself down in the shower, walked out, not believing my great good luck and slid into the slow swimmers lane, all by myself. I got a beautiful rhythm going with my breast stroke. It was completely quiet and the sun was shimmering on the bottom of the pool. I sank into a meditative state and for the next 45 minutes I just settled in to it all. My body felt terrific sliding through the water, I didn’t feel any energy competing with me for the same space at all so I could just find my own pace and rhythm and go. When I got to about 40 lengths of the pool all of a sudden there were some people talking and standing on one end of the pool getting ready to take their swim. I swam two more lengths, feeling the magic of the moment broken, yet still in the flow of the swimming. One of these folk asked if she could join me in my lane, and feeling complete with my experience and yet not exhausted I said that I was almost finished and she could take the whole lane. Without any feeling of being disturbed or resentful for having the spell broken, which would have been my old patter, I got out of the pool and headed back to the showers feeling such gratitude.

Boy oh boy do I like swimming like that. I have always liked swimming and yet I have been yearning for that meditative feel that I used to have when I swam. It finally clicked in for me. I am looking into how I can find times when the pool is more empty so that I can sink in more like that more frequently. I look forward to the day I can sink in no matter how crowded the pool is, and there is something so special about an empty stretch of water in front of you and no hurry up energy in the air at all that just can’t be beat.

Well it’s a short one today, I am off to catch up on a couple of riffs.

Blog – yes
Riff – no
Meditation – yes
Food – 7-10
Movement 8-10
pipe dream – no

2 responses to “An Empty Pool

  1. I grew up swimming competitively and I loved your post because it brought me right back into that groove. I am so loving the rhythm, the open lanes, the groove and the unbelievable mesmerization between me, the water, the stroke and the quietness.

    Thanks for taking me there.


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