Note to Self

HenryPipeNote to Self:

You are doing a great job at living and at growing your consciousness. You are integrating all aspects of your Self and finding more love and compassion for your Self. You are not afraid to go into the basement and dig around in the muck and the crap and find the root of bad habits and limiting beliefs. You have done an excellent job at finding work that has meaning for you and meaning for your world. You have done a great job of taking care of the needs of yourself and your family. You have begun to learn how to master your emotions so that you can utilize their power and not get swept away by the sea of possible reactions. You have learned ways to still yourSelf and slow down to enjoy and experience more subtlety in life. You now know how to grow yourSelf and your consciousness and you know the practices you need to do to continue on a journey of deepening and discovery.

You can do better. You know you can. You can maintain your practices with more certainty and clarity and hold to intentions and practices that you create with more commitment. You can be more disciplined in doing what you know that you need to do to move to the next level of your consciousness. You can breathe more and meditate more consistently. You can take even better care of this body that you have learned to love. You can move into spiritual adulthood. I say these things not to scold you or judge you, I say these things as truths that I know you recognize. I say these things because I know that you can hear them without reacting because of all the great distance you have come. It is time, it always has been time, and it always will be time to Do Your Best. Not do what you can get by with or just make it under the wire. It is time to seek out the places where you are sliding by and, slowly, look at ways to do your best.

There is no time like the present.

4 responses to “Note to Self

  1. Hello dear one:

    I’ve loved reading your blog of late and this particular post really captured me.

    Thank you for doing such a terrific job of inspiring me and illuminating the road ahead. Even though I get to feel the space of you almost every day, there’s something about this post that has my breath deepen and my shoulders drop.

    Now that’s impact!

    Love you honey!

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