How far do my ripples go?

It is a crisp and clear day, gorgeous with a sharp line at the horizon that separates the sky from the ocean. The early morning sun is lighting up the foam as it breaks over the crest of the waves and turning the cliffs of Tomales Point a rich gold with sharp contrasting shadows to define the cragginess even more. It is Thursday and Karen came home last night and stayed, because we have this all day CTI management meeting today at the house. She came home midweek which is unusual for us and she will be here tonight and tomorrow night, so we actually get to feel like a couple for a couple of nights again. It’s fun. Alas she heads off to Spain for a week on Saturday and I leave for a Leadership Program on Tuesday, it’s all good though, because as we head into the holidays we will get to spend even more time together and if things go according to plan she is moving back home completely in March. So everyone keep your fingers crossed that things go according to plan.

Splinters are still working there way out and the more time we have together these days will allow for them to be completely healed. I am a lucky guy, I must confess, I have a great relationship, splinters and all, I live in a beautiful place, I have work that both satisfies me and makes a difference in the world, I have close relationships with family, friends, and co-workers, and I am attending to my own growth in ways that satisfy me. I am aware of so many people I love that are having tough times with some of these things, and lord knows I have had terrible times with all of these things, my thoughts and prayers are going out to all of those loved ones that are suffering, separated, isolated, busted, broke, depressed, lonely, hanging on, overwhelmed, scared, and just trying to make it through another unpleasant day. As my thoughts and prayers go out to you to let you know that I have traveled down those paths and will again some day I am fairly certain. I feel a great empathy with you as you travel this journey and in that empathy I know that your ears are fairly tuned out to hope and possibility, understandably so, still I do want to hold it out and offer that as you tune into yourSelf and open up your consciousness to who you REALLY are and what it is you are up to, no matter the circumstances, I absolutely know that you will begin to find pathways that open in front of you that, if you are willing to risk it, may indeed lead you out of the messed up state you are in.

I know that I am sounding preachier then I usually do here and I am not sure why that is coming out today. I am just feeling so blessed and yet so aware of my journey to this place as well as being so completely aware of the journey cycles that so many of my loved ones are on, that I have tears in my eyes of love, the blessed love and the painful love at the same time. I am aware that I can hold both consciousnesses and loves simultaneously and that is new. I don’t have to collude or leap into someone elses pain to know it and I don’t have to ignore my joy in order to relate to someone elses suffering. I don’t have to somehow change my inner state to meet, understand, and even empathize with someone elses state. To be responsible for my world means I have to be able to hold it all. I have to hold it, know it, appreciate it and pray for it all at the same time. And I can.

One response to “Empathy

  1. Hey Henry,

    Thank you for reaching out, sending out the hope and possibility vibes, sharing your feelings of abundance and gratefulness.

    The words that leaped out at me was “just trying to make it through another unpleasant day”. The inner voice said, “Ain’t that the truth!” and then I let out a big hearty laugh. So now that I’ve acknowledged the ‘unpleasant day’, I really wonder if it is the truth? You know, the day ain’t so bad after all.

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