Space The Final Frontier

Well I am sitting here on yet another gorgeous fall day on the coast all alone in this silent beautiful space with just the sound of the surf distantly wafting through the windows and a little native flute music softly coming through the speakers as I prepare for going up the hill to lead a retreat 3 with the Water Dragon tribe. Retreat 3 is all about the space, the breath, the silence and the energy that is always swirling around and through us. I love this retreat. I love this journey that I get to take people on, this declaration that leadership isn’t just about lining up people and marching them in a direction, it’s about the space we all are moving in too. It is about getting that space right so that people yearn to move, long to move, desire to move into it. Every time I lead this retreat I discover more and more about this space that we float around in, that these letters are floating around in, how empty it is and how full it is, how vast it is and how intimate it is, how calm it is and how filled with energy it is. What an amazing journey it is to feel into something that is all around me and in me at the same time, to know that with every breath I take I am breathing in space that is filled with all sorts of stuff, and yet the stuff is such a small part of the space.

It is so easy to focus on the stuff and forget all the space that the stuff is floating in and filled with. I know I focus too much on the stuff of life and often get lost and overwhelmed with it all. I know that we humans are obsessed with our focus on the stuff and it drives us mad with a compulsive need to consume, aquire, store, own, claim, steal, break, fix, replace, borrow, and throw away all the stuff. All of that stuff that consumes all of our attention is just a tiny fraction of the space that gets little or no attention from us. How different life would be if that focus was reversed. If instead we directed most of our attention and energy on comprehending and exploring the space around and in us and how we moved in and impacted that space I think we would discover that the stuff takes care of itself in a cared for and conscious space. It’s not like space=good and stuff=bad at all, they co-exist brilliantly and together make up the universe. It’s just that, my belief is, when we become conscious of the space and our impact on it, then we naturally take more responsibility for ourselves and our environment and when we do that the stuff starts being taken care of responsibly and seemingly takes care of itself.

Well anyway that is what I am off to do today to awaken that in this beautiful tribe of Water Dragons.

It is interesting in my space right now as Karen is off in Spain being brilliantly presidential and I am heading off to Wildwood to be with the Water Dragons that this space of this house will be left alone to take care of itself, which of course the space and the house will do magnificently. The space around here changes when there are different ones of us here or not here in it. I wonder sometimes what the space is like here with the both of us gone. Does it change? Does it exhale? Does it feel? Ah.

3 responses to “Space The Final Frontier

  1. Hi Henry:

    As usual your blog post reminds me exactly of what I most need to remember right this moment! Thank you wise one!



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