Waking Up

Nice Nap, Time To Wakie Wakie!


I tell you when your a bear and you lie down in the fall to take a nap, it might be a long time before you wake up. I have allowed my consciousness to hibernate for awhile. Or should I say I have been hibernating in my cave while consciousness has been being and doing what it does? I guess it doesn’t matter really what the perspective is, the fact is that I have been asleep as far as this blog goes and as far as putting any real attention to the expansion, deepening and evolving of my consciousness. I have gone to sleep on my commitments to mySelf and to the intentions I set for mySelf a little over a year ago.

The really cool part of this particular hibernation period is that I have been aware all during it of my higher self patiently waiting for my return. I have been aware of mySelf sleeping and putting my attention on matters that are not particularly evolutionary. I have been aware of the “choice” not to be awake, which has a part of me being awake in a way. In previous journeys to the asleep place I successfully turned off all awareness of that awake part of me and when I was ready to wake up again I had to start all over, usually from a lot of gathered outside opinions and advice of people who loved and cared for me and “experts” on waking up. This time however because I was partially awake while asleep, aware of my higher self and the journey that I have been on I simply begin again with what I know works and what I am strong in. I simply redeclare my intention to mySelf and begin my practices that I know are what works for me to create an integrated and conscious self. I remove the distractions that I have brought into my life during this time of sleep and bring back the practices that help to focus me on the evolution of my consciousness.

It’s been quite a busy nap. I have certainly got lots of things done while sleeping. I have even created some interesting new directions, inventions and collaborations. There are some folks that I have come into contact with that would never even know that I have been asleep I have been so powerful and good at what I do and who I am that I can do it in my sleep, so to speak. And . . . It is time to wake up.

So I am turning of Castle Age today, I am not going to be playing the game that has come to symbolize my nap any longer. I am going to meditate daily for 20 minutes and I am going to move my body, either walking or swimming 3 to 4 days a week. I will write in this blog OR something for my book every day and sometimes I will do both. I will catch up on my Black Lodge homework that went by as I was sleeping and stay consistent with it through the end of the program.

As Arnold said in the Terminator “I’M BACK“

3 responses to “Waking Up

  1. Welcome back, Henry!

    Or maybe “good morning!” is appropriate! 🙂

    Regardless, what’s so cool to me is that it seems the work you’ve been doing with consciousness and being *awake* has made it so you can’t really go ALL the way asleep anymore, even if you try. And it makes me wonder if, as you go forward, you’ll naturally become even more and more awake…so each time you “hibernate,” there’s a bigger and bigger part of yourSelf that’s actually less and less inclined to nap, and more able to just be awake for the entire rest of your beautiful ride. Pretty darn cool and VERY inspiring!

    So glad to see you back in blog action. Happy 2010 to you!


  2. Hi Henry!
    Bears are amazing even in hibernation, and are being studied because of some mysterious attributes….
    like they can metabolize while hibernating but create no waste. They can move their heart rate and temperature up and down as needed, deeply resting while never fully “asleep.” So yes you are a bear and you are very powerful and napful and wakeful and yesful.
    Love, Nancy
    an antelope

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