The Boy and The Man

He flies off my secure shoulders into the world he imagines.
He teaches me all that I need to know to be a spiritually conscious human.

It’s a gray and windy morning and it feels like a storm is coming. You know that feeling when you are just a little stiffer when you wake up and you can’t seem to get the sleep out of your eyes, there is no question of moving fast , in fact moving at all or thinking at all takes concentrated effort. It’s almost like the building humidity in the air and the decreased pressure create an increased friction to bones, body and mind. It’s probably time for a good storm here on the coast, I keep hearing about most of the US and Europe being under a blanket of snow and we have been spending a delightful couple of weeks with beautiful sunsets in our hot tub. So as the surf builds up and the wind whips and the sky gets grayer and my stiff body tries to wake up I believe it is time for us to join with the rest of the world in winter.

Today is day one of being completely free from the distraction of my facebook games. I am feeling a bit of withdrawal, and loss. That feeling of knowing there was something very fun and important to do, there were castles to protect, monsters to kill and achievements to achieve is gone and in place of it is that knowing that all of that was indeed a distraction to what I was born to do in this lifetime. Still the pull of the comfort and ease of it is strong and the feel of the difficulty and the stretch and the work of the true path of mySelf feels not very appealing. I do know, fortunately, that what I am feeling is what I am bound to feel when putting away the tools of unconsciousness and picking up the tools of consciousness. The old familiar tools are always going to feel more comfortable and like something I “could do in my sleep”. In this transition time they will feel more “fun” and they will feel less like “hard work”. The new tools and the new path will feel a lot like it needs concentrated effort and hard work to keep stepping forward. They won’t feel “fun” at first and they won’t feel “easy”. The good news is that they aren’t brand new and never been used tools, they are actually familiar tools that have been put away for a bit and have gotten a little dusty. So once I clear the cobwebs and shake off the dust they will be familiar and some will actually be fun again, while some will be like old friends with whom I have renewed acquaintance.

One of the things I remember about writing in this blog first thing in the morning is that the writing itself moves me down the path while I am writing it. I am aware of my body getting stronger and the stiffness working itself out and of adjusting to this new air pressure and storm that is coming. I feel a whole lot better then when I started writing this. (Just an interesting processing side note to self).

It is day twelve of twenty-ten (I am getting used to the grammatically correct way of saying 2010) and I have seen Avatar 3D twice already and I am very much desiring to see it one more time at an Imax theatre. The experience of witnessing the creation of a completely fantastical and imagined world that is so real is truly astonishing. I must confess that I will be in the Avatar cult. I will add it to my Star Wars, Star Trek and Lord Of The Rings cults. I am such a Boy in so many ways and yet such an evolved spirit in so many ways. I do love that mix in me. Props to James Cameron and Peter Jackson for keeping it real for the boy that i am. Props to my Black Lodge training and the consciousness of the universe for keeping it real for the evolved spirit that I Am.

2 responses to “The Boy and The Man

  1. WOW! Great to see you back in the blogsphere!!! Don’t worry – it get’s easier the longer you are off games. It took me a few days to ‘let go’ of my little farm in farmtown but it was a good decision for me and I find much more food for the soul in blogging – love the expression, the showing myself and interaction with others on the same journey.

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