Lot's of input to choose from.

There seems to be a lot of input this morning from so many sources. There is input from the beauty of nature and the sky and the ocean that is moving me to the edge of tears with it’s beauty. There is the input of a youtube video that my mother forwarded to me of a young woman in the Ukraine who did a marvelous animated sand painting that stirred up a whole bunch of emotion and awe in me and in the entire audience of the “Ukraine’s Got Talent” competition.

Then there is the input of my family and my thoughts about how I need to get in touch with my Mom and brothers and sisters. Then there is the input around having my delightful niece Christin living with us and the new and thought provoking conversations and input that is happening there. The input of my work calling me with phone call appointments and emails to read and send. The input of my passions for all of the brilliant conversations and designs that are buzzing around me that want attention, that are important for awakening consciousness in the world. Right now I have some rather stimulating music playing in the background with a guitar and some castanets that is providing some different input. There is input from my higher self or spiritual self that is calling me to a place of NO input and stillness. There is input from my beautiful Karen always there in the background, What is needed?
Ah the song has ended and a new one has begun, oops even more distracting, I need to move it to something really new agey and not just more input. Ahhhh there that’s better.

I think I am being called to a meditation and I don’t have time until after my call in 15 minutes. Oh well I’ll do it after. Isn’t it amazing how much we are dealing with in any given moment and how astonishing our ability to choose what to pay attention to and what to put aside. It is so clear to me that some music is distracting at some times and perfectly suited at other times. How wonderful is it that we humans have the capacity to receive so much input and sort through it in such a short amount of time and choose where to put our attention. I know that even as I write this I am getting more and more focused on something that needs my attention while at the same time being completely aware of the phone call that is coming in 12 minutes. I am aware that at any moment in time I can choose what to make my primary focus and put all of those other inputs on to smaller screens and bring them up when I choose. Wow that is a truly amazing and astonishing ability when you think about it. Sometimes the Universe puts something in front of us that we absolutely MUST pay attention to and we have to put all other input into the background. These gifts of the Universe give us perspective about what is truly important and what can be let go of. Sometimes we are fortunate enough to be able to develop the skill of emptying it all out and creating a blank canvas or sand table on which we can paint what ever it is we want with no input coming from anywhere in particular.

What will I paint today? What will you paint today?

5 responses to “Input

  1. Henry, you make a great point. So often, both with my own clients and in my personal life, the majority of attention is paid to output and not so much to input.

    Your post reminds me anew of the importance in choosing the input I focus upon, and to actively eschew the sorts of input which do not support my rich, full, compelling life.

    For example: I’ve come to discover, as have many of my clients, that certain media and people are not healthy input for me. They detract from my quality of life, encourage me to be sad or discouraged or just off my game.

    Likewise, choosing my input carefully affords me the opportunity to be deliberate and mindful, practices which, for me, ultimately and always serve.

    I guess it just kinda boils down to that old acronym: GIGO. Garbage in, garbage out.

    For me it’s less garbage and more giggles.

    Thanks for the thoughtful blog, Henry.

    Molly Burke CPCC MSU
    Queen of Confidence
    “I’ve bottled confidence and you can, too!”

  2. Henry, Such a GREAT post for reading at this very moment…naturally – the universe puts this stuff there at JUST the right moment….luckily I was paying attention…AND I am carving out a few minutes to thank you for your words and contemplate what’s coming at me in INPUT…even as the demands are smacking me right over the head. Today the level 3 is ‘seemingly’ more quiet – working alone at home…but the REAL level 3 says; answer that call, find that candidate, provide feedback in the form THAT person wants it, the mailman is at the door, the kettle is hissing, the radio is a bit too low for me to hear it…so, even as I’m alone, I’m aware of the space BEYOND my space. AND when I got a call earlier indicating a family member was in trouble, my canvas went BLANK. It was all that mattered. Everything else went away. I thought, how can I do that without the stimulator of alarming news…then I remembered the ORANGE LIQUID. Ah, Henry – you are just so fabulous and these are A LOT of words typed just to tell you that VERY thing!

    Love, Lisa D.

  3. Henry, thanks so much for this thought-provoking piece. It’s totally heightened my awareness of “input” and the various things that I’m choosing to be aware of in any given moment. We really are surrounded by (maybe inundated is the better word) input at all times, aren’t we? Thanks for the reminder that most times I can decide which input to focus on, AND what to create with it. You rock, dear Henry, you rock!

    Love, Gail

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  5. Hi Henry,

    Thank you for your input. I always get some kind of take-away from your blog. Sometimes I let the words just wash over me, like a clensing waterfall. Other times I’m looking for clues that will lead me to an answer to a question. Other times I read and just let the input sit in the back of my brain, letting the nature take its course. I would like to work more on the emptying part. It’s always tempting to take in all the input. Hoarding is not always the answer. Sometimes letting go is the way to go. So many ways to process input!

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