Begin Again

OK, so I haven’t blogged for a few days, dang I really am getting my shit together here. I am in Asheville North Carolina getting ready to start Retreat 2 with the Chickadees an amazing group of leaders chomping at the bit and chirping up a storm, as they get ready to connect powerfully in a way that can only be done at R2. I have been traveling for a couple of days with bags being left in cities and trying to get them here and all sorts of other lamo excuses. The truth is I am not yet back in the pattern that is set by my intentions and my commitments. Even though I am very clear that there is no place that I will “lock” in a new habit of writing or meditating, I will always need to remember to do these things and choose to do them and sometimes I will need to kick mySelf in the butt to do them, do them I must. However there is a place that I get to where the commitment is strong and the intention is clear and the pattern of doing it is well established so that I remember more easily to do it and I don’t find nearly as many lamo excuses not to do it.

I know that writing in the morning is a remarkable way for me to get mySelf pointed in a powerful direction and meditation is an amazing way for me to clear mySelf out of all the mental and spiritual baggage I am carrying and repack more lightly. So here I am at 7:20 on Tuesday morning getting mySelf pointed. Yay me.

One other thing is happening concurrently with R2 and me getting my shit together with my practices is that I am really getting some writing done on my book on Leadership that I am writing with David Skibbens. Interesting enough we are currently working on R2 related materials in the book and my mind is really tuned into what is behind intimacy and connection and creating from other. I am wrapped up in the work we do with assumptions and alignment, waxing poetical on sourcing and wondering about co-leadership. I am also aware of a lot of my writing needs being channeled into that work and a lot of my brain space being occupied by those thoughts.

On the other hand I have opened up a lot of space in my brain as I have let go of my obsessive game play on facebook and deleted my various games and cleaned up my behavioral habits of finding every spare moment I could to kill orcs, sea serpents and dragons, build armies and visit the oracles and demi powers of the game. There is a bit of a hole that is getting filled with other things like reading and remembering practices and getting back in touch with some of the communities and connections that I dropped out as my obsession took over. It is an interesting phenomena though that what I thought was dropped nobody else really missed a beat and hardly noticed I wasn’t there. Except of course my incredible beloved who had been on me for a month or so to cut it out all ready, I mean enough is enough 🙂

So here I am with out much to say really and at the same time whole worlds of things to explore in my consciousness that I don’t really know where to start. So I’ll start yet again by just starting. As we say in Leadership over and over again “Begin Again”.

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One response to “Begin Again

  1. Reminds me of lyrics to a song, “But I could start again, you can depend on it…” It sounds like one can learn new things, each time we start again. I was watching a talk by Peter Sagal, where he was talking about the process of a writer. I can’t remember the exact words he uttered, but to me it sounded like he said the most important part of a writer’s life is procrastination. Sometimes it’s avoidance and other times it brings you creativity and new opportunities. I guess I better “begin again” and get back to my work!

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