I Get To Do This!

I am filled with uncontainable gratitude and want to let the world know.

Wow! I do love my work. The work I get to do in this period of my life lets me stay in beautiful places and beautiful faces and watch, cajole, prod, poke, demand, invite, whisper, hug, cry, laugh, shake up, yell, express mySelf fully and completely, so that those faces shine and glow in ways that perhaps they never have before. To contribute to something that is already beautiful and to have it shine even more beautifully when all is said and done, and to have a certainty that what it is that creates the new shine is NOT temporary but loaded into the cellular memory, (big sigh) now that is good work indeed.

Bless you Chickadees you are flying out in between the worlds of Retreat 2 and Retreat 3 with a newfound sense of intimacy and connection, I know you will, and I am going to URGE you anyway to TRAIN YOUR WORLD in the possibilities of connection, intimacy and interdependence. Train your world patiently and yet with an insistence and a STAY like your lives and futures depend upon it, because they do.

Bless you Water Dragons, I will be seeing you in a few weeks and you have walked the path of intimacy and the path of awareness of your impact, (another sigh with a smile) I know you are taking on a deeper responsibility for your world and looking at ways to brighten this universe with a deeper consciousness and are stepping into modeling and being the kind of leaders that Life is hungry for. It is time to get on this horse and ride it.

These two groups that I am working with are filled with powerful people that are on this earth at this time to make a profound difference. They are here to bring us humans back to our hearts and our spirits. They are here to open up the full expression of all the humans and to remind them of their range and capacity to Love. They are peacemakers who are not afraid of conflict. They are leaders that know how to empower other leaders to be bigger and better selves and to Stay with the responsibility of what they create. They are compassionate and passionate people who know how to open their hearts and let people in and when they forget they know how to ask for help. They know how to keep the ripples of love and leadership that they stand for rippling out to the edges of their worlds and touch all the inhabitants in those worlds. Watch out world here they come, unfasten your seatbelts and get ready to fly.

Of course I am proud and privileged to have been able to touch, train, love, inspire, wake up, and most important learn and create from all the tribes and the leaders I have been able to sit in front of. I am thrilled to have played in this sandbox and to have been able to have heard the stories of castles being built and hearts being won and lives being changed and most importantly of all consciousness being brightened all over the world. What an amazing life I get to live and what an honor it is to stand on this earth at this time with the people I have been honored to stand with. I am profoundly grateful to have chosen this life to live and this time to live in.

Boy oh boy I can’t wait to see what happens today. Today I am headed off to a new retreat center to meet with my Beloved Karen and my brother Pat, who are about to start with a brand new group in a brand new beautiful place to begin the symphony that I am in the middle of playing. I get to walk around the grounds with them as we begin to dream the dream of our work in this place. Where will we do this activity and that ritual? When will we use this place and who will sleep where? We will begin to touch and add our energy to an already beautiful space and brighten it up and make it even more beautiful for these leader/travelers who are arriving today and tomorrow to begin a journey that will take them to the stars.


2 responses to “I Get To Do This!

  1. Hi Henry,

    I’m up very early so that I can come to welcome Karen and Pat’s new tribe. I am also grateful for this work. I love being the one who witnesses the first step—well in some cases, the first jump! Today, I’ll start training Brian (one of your WaterDragons) to talk about this program. This is deep, meaningful work. I’ll see you later this morning.


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