The Fog and The Fire

Not quite foggy enough for the picture in my mind, and you get the idea.

This foggy morning wants to call me into introspection and even a bit of melancholy. The fire burning in my heart is calling me towards the thrill of aliveness and connection. The fog is gentle and easy and soothing and wants me to just move through my morning with thoughtfulness and attention to mySelf, missing Karen, the touches of sadness that go with being out of touch with family members and friends for too long. The fire is filled with desire to keep agreements with mySelf and others, to get this writing done impeccably well so I can move on to other responsibilities that I will do with impeccability and clarity. Responsibilities like writing my book, Black Lodge homework and connection, meditation and contemplation on brightening the diamond of consciousness. Both parts call me into action that is good for mySelf. Both fog and fire are wanted in this Self as I start my day. Let me bring some fog to the actions of fire, and some fire to the actions of fog.

Yes, I long to bring some of that ease and slowly growing sense of calm and patience of fog to slowly move in and surround something passionate, to feel it completely as it obscures everything else and just lets it be there whole and complete in itself. What would it be like if I let the fog surround me when I work on the book and let it just begin to shut out all of the details and destractions that are always there shouting at me and leave just me and the writing? What would it be like if I just easily slipped into a meditation or a contemplation where I, like fog, surrounded some of my other responsibilities one by one and simply wrapped them in fog so that for that bit of timeless time this or that responsibility was all there was in the fog and thus it was easily distinguishable and could be calmly looked at and completed?

In the same way I could bring the fire to my connections and relationships. I could stop putting off conversations that I need to have with family and friends and just pick up the phone. I could light a fire under my fog like melancholy and write a poem or create some art of some sort that has melancholy in it. I could breathe my fire breath of passion into any emotion and let it burn brightly for a bit so that I can develop more consciousness around it and know that this emotion is part of me and has a right to exist, it has information in it and healing energy in it and it isn’t any more powerful or less powerful then any other part of me, this wonderful emotion works with all parts of me to create clarity of who I am in any given moment. If I make too big a deal of it, it will take over. If I ignore it, I am stepping away from the integration and learning that I am so committed to. So I light the fire of it and see how it burns in me while all other parts of me take notes.

Ahh the fire and the fog can work together, I don’t have to choose between them. What a great morning with the fog out my window and the fire in my heart.

On a different note, I want to thank all of you readers that leave comments on my blog. Many mornings they are the first thing I read and on days when I am here at the computer, I do love taking a “comment” break and seeing what someone is noticing on the blog. So thanks so much for taking the time to leave a note.

2 responses to “The Fog and The Fire

  1. Hello my love:

    Your terrific post will be the last thing I read as I lay down to sleep tonight, soothed by your words and the energy of YOU emanating from your blog these days.

    My sleep will be sweeter from having read this post. Thank you, Henry.

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